Child Day Care for Single Parent at Addiction Treatment

What accommodations do treatment facilities have for child day care if the individual seeking treatment is a single parent?

The decision to seek addiction treatment for an alcohol or drug issue is not made lightly. A person seeking this type of professional assistance for his or her self or for a loved one must take a number of factors into consideration.

A single parent who makes the decision to get professional abuse or addiction treatment must make arrangements for the caring of his/her child, while involved in the program. Obviously, this is the case when a person enters an inpatient program; but, it can also be an issue for a person who chooses an outpatient treatment program as well.

The reality is that a growing number of addiction treatment facilities recognize the need for a single parent to be able to access appropriate childcare for his/her children. Over 1.4 million single parents are estimated to be in need of addiction treatment services, according to the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services. As a result, a number of addiction treatment programs have started offering child daycare for single parent participants as part of their overall programming.

Sliding Fee Scales

When it comes to outpatient addiction treatment programs that offer child care services, most offer not only therapeutic, but also daycare assistance on a sliding scale. In other words, understanding the unique financial needs and considerations of a single parent in need of treatment, these facilities and programs base their fee structure on a participant’s actual income and financial resources.

The process of making therapeutic services as well as childcare services available to a person, in need of treatment, renders this type of recovery service more accessible to a larger segment of the population. The reality is that a person with a substance abuse problem typically also has associated financial issues as well.

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Traditional Child Care Services

Drug addiction treatment programs offer different types of child care services for the children of single parents seeking assistance. For example, some treatment programs or facilities offer traditional child daycare. This type of service is akin to that which is found at traditional daycare and child care centers outside of treatment centers.

A child in this type of daycare option will engage in recreational, entertainment and perhaps even educational activities. Snacks and even meals, oftentimes, are a part of the overall regimen associated with this type of daycare option.

Therapeutic Child Care Services

A therapeutic child daycare alternative is offered by drug addiction treatment and recovery programs, in some instances. The theory is that addiction is an illness that impacts the entire family and children are not immune.

In this type of milieu, children in the daycare component are provided age appropriate therapeutic opportunities. This may include one-on-one counseling, group counseling and addiction-related educational programming.

Integrated Programming

Some addiction treatments integrate the child daycare program more directly with the treatment that the parent is undergoing. In other words, not only does the facility or program provide daycare services of therapeutic nature, an effort is made to coordinate the programs for both parent and child to recover together.

Seek Assistance

A person with a substance abuse problem or a loved one can seek immediate assistance by contacting an appropriate addiction treatment and recovery center today. Most programs are designed to admit and get a person on a course of treatment and recovery in a very short amount of time.

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