Teen & Adolescent Addiction Treatment

Through our affiliations and relationships, the Addiction Hotline arranges therapy and counseling at some of the finest adolescent treatment centers in North America.

Drug statistics show that substance abuse among teens remain at alarmingly high rates. More than ever, teens need a reputable drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that call to their unique and special needs of today’s adolescents.

Teen & Adolescent Addiction Assessment

When your teenage son or daughter arrives at a treatment facility, an assessment will generally be conducted. The assessment helps us establish a treatment program designed to examine behavioral and emotional issues that may have led to the substance abuse and the best way to correct it. In the field of addiction treatments, emotional issues are often called underlying conditions or co-occuring disorders. For teens and adults alike, there are numerous disorders that are masked by the abuse of substances.

For instance, depression may lead to attempted suicide or “cutting,” a form of self-mutilation. Drug and alcohol abuse also affect both young women and men with body image and eating disorders, such as Bulimia and Anorexia nervosa.

Equally important, drugs and alcohol may contribute to or mask anger issues. Adolescents may also try to self-medicate to quell the extreme mood swings caused by bi-polar disorder or, in rare cases, schizophrenia.

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Teen Substance Abuse

Unfortunately, substance abuse often leads to erratic and reckless sexual, criminal, and associated deviant behaviors. Like their adult counterparts, addicted teens run a high risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, such as Herpes, Syphilis, and other venereal diseases. If an adolescent is left untreated, prolonged using of intranasal and intravenous drugs could lead to the contraction of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis A, B or C viruses.

Rest assured that the Addiction Hotline professional goal is to refer your adolescent son or daughter to an teen rehab center that is reputable and a good match for your child’s needs.

Considering the variety of symptoms, the professionals at the teen rehab center you choose for your son or daughter may offer a variety of services that include psychiatry/ psychology, group therapy and counseling, family counseling, and other activities. All of which are aimed at creating a pattern of acceptable-behavior and positive decision-making on the part of the adolescent.

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