Alcohol Use Disorder Signs and Symptoms

There are countless ways to spot an alcohol user. Look for the signs that tell if you have an alcohol use disorder or not. Hiding your drinking, having severe hangovers and stealing money to buy alcohol are just a few signs. In any case, it is important to seek professional help as soon as possible, our rehab hotline is available 24/7.

Signs of an Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol Dependency

An alcohol use disorder is obvious when you need more alcohol to feel the same effects. Note the times when you drank more than usual. You may have spent more time drinking than actually doing anything productive. On some days, you want to drink until you achieve a desired high. Some people drink a lot even after they have lost interest in drinking a long time ago. However, they cannot stop because they have an alcohol use disorder.

Anyone dependent on alcohol finds it hard to maintain control. They quit only after they pass out or get scolded by other people. To know if you have a dependency or not, see how easy it is to go a whole day or week without drinking.

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Dangerous Situations

Someone who has an alcohol use disorder is likely to get into dangerous situations. Some people drink and do drugs (legal or otherwise) as well, which could lead to death if the two substances are combined. Some people frequently get behind the wheel of a car while drunk. Count the number of times that you have walked into dangerous situations because of your drinking.


It is common to find alcoholics who are passed out drunk. They could be passed out in a car, at a party or in an alleyway. Either way, the situation is always dangerous to the drinker’s health. A blackout causes amnesia, making it hard to remember the events that occurred while drunk. You could get into a lot of trouble and not remember anything that you did. Binge drinkers are at the highest risk of getting this condition. Since a blackout affects your brain, it is important to take the matter very seriously.

Health Problems

It is easy to develop numerous health problems due to alcoholism. If your original plan was to drink away depression, you may become more depressed as you become more addicted to alcohol. After going through countless hangovers and shakes, you may feel more anxious and less able to control bodily functions. More seriously, there is significant damage caused to the liver of an alcoholic. In general, they become less able to function properly as far as concentrating, retaining memories and being responsible. They may find it impossible to hold down a job or even move through a simple conversation.

Dealing with an addiction is difficult and may seem impossible. Before things get worse, know the signs of an alcohol use disorder. Once you know, make the right changes as early as possible. Pay attention to the ways that you drink in order to reduce the risks of a disorder.

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