How To Get Help With Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction

Treatment for Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction Prescription drug abuse and addiction is becoming a more common form of substance abuse due to the easy availability of pharmaceuticals from physicians. In most cases of prescription drug abuse, the user was prescribed medication for a temporary or long-term medical condition. Occasionally, individuals begin to use a […]

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Study examines differences between marijuana and alcohol use in teens

A new study compared the risks associated with teen alcohol use and teen marijuana use. With the controversial concept of marijuana legalization looming overhead, many are discussing exactly how dangerous the substance is. In January, President Obama stated that he believed marijuana was not more harmful than alcohol. More people are beginning to view marijuana […]

Study finds marijuana may be addictive

What once was touted as a drug that was immune to addiction now may not be. With the legalization of marijuana underway in two states already, more people are beginning to discuss their growing concerns for the substance and whether it is addictive. The prevalence of marijuana The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that […]

Researcher finds new way to fight cocaine addiction

A researcher from the University of Pittsburgh believes she may have uncovered the solution to cocaine relapse. Yaoying Ma, a research associate and assistant professor of neuroscience at the university’s School of Arts and Sciences, stated that triggering an internal anti-addiction response in the body may help prevent relapse. Her findings were published in the […]

Milwaukee resident tells story of journey from addiction to social work

Wisconsin resident Michelle McKenna stood in front of several strangers telling her story about battling alcohol and substance addiction. When she believed she had hit rock bottom, she actually had further to go. McKenna spoke at an event that kicked off Recovery Month in Milwaukee County, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel stated. National Alcohol and Drug Addiction […]

Chicago uses tombstones to indicate heroin’s effect

Chicago counties have joined together to fight heroin addiction and overdoses by using tombstones, the Chicago Tribune reported. Residents like Audrey Albright, who lost her son to heroin addiction a few years ago, believe the tombstones are a great idea. Albright openly welcomed placing the tombstones in her yard. The plastic foam tombstones will travel […]

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