2 inspirational stories to help for opiate addiction recovery

Here are 2 inspirational stories that will help recovering opiate addicts with a “bad” day:

Recovery from addiction is possible, even when it’s hard, even when it feels like it’s not. Two recovering addicts, Mike Morrison and Lisa Freemen, are here to share their story of recovery.

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While you read these inspirational and rather touching real life recovery episodes, remember that you are not alone. Others have found the will to win the game of recovery from addiction.


I started using drugs and drinking as a teenager. By the time I hit my mid-twenties, all I craved was Heroin. The drug turned my life into absolute hell. Everything in my life revolved around getting and taking Heroin.

Getting money for Heroin became my full-time job. To get the drug, I became a person I didn’t recognize, lying, stealing, cheating and conning doctors for prescriptions. I bounced checks and committed fraud.

The end for me came when my family finally stepped in. My parents, with tears in their eyes, told me that I was killing myself. In reality, my addiction was killing them too.

Three months later, I started calling around the country for help. My parents agreed to take me to a treatment center in St. Louis. That was in 1979, and I haven’t had a drink since. I still attend weekly 12-step meetings to remember my addiction and try to keep my head on straight.

Life now is infinitely better. I attribute all the good things in my life to my recovery. It wasn’t easy to get off Heroin, but the alternative life is one of misery and horrible suffering. The addict isn’t the only one who suffers — everyone surrounding him does too.

If you’re suffering from an addiction, never give up hope. Recovery does work.


I’ve been experimenting with drugs since I was a teen, it seems like I’ve always been using them. Though I’ve tried practically everything, nothing made me feel as good as taking my first vicodin 15 years ago. The feeling was unbelievable.

Long story short, I was still pill popping five years later, even with a husband and a new baby on the way. Though I was heavily addicted, I managed to stay sober while pregnant.

This will be the end, I told myself. It wasn’t. Guess what they gave me after the C-section? I was elated.

Shortly after I had my baby, my husband broke his back. I stole all his prescriptions, even faking ailments to get at his stash after he started hiding them. I was on 15-25 pills a day.

Two years later, we were expecting again. By this time I was super sick. I got dope sick almost every day, lacking my stash. I again maintained sobriety during my pregnancy, but after another C-section the cycle restarted. My husband was fed up.

About a week after he moved out, my dad died, and that’s when everything changed. My soul changed. I can’t tell you why, but suddenly everything became quite clear. I changed my life. I quit my dead end job and went back to school. Now I’m one semester away from graduating.

I spend my days now doing things that will help me: meditating, practicing yoga, and studying. My hubby and kids are so amazing. I don’t think I ever really understood or noticed them until two years ago when I got sober. I wouldn’t change this life for anything.

Of course I worry that I’ll use again. My advice to you is that there’s a better life out there. Stay strong.
I hope these stories have given you the strength to prevail as you ascend the addiction recovery mountain.

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