Drug, alcohol, and prescription medication addictions are reaching epidemic proportions in many segments of our population leading to the advent of 24 hour addiction help services to combat this growing problem.
Alcohol dependency may be considered the most common addiction give the ease of access to alcohol and the general societal perception that “having a drink” is considered an accepted, legal activity. However, that only exacerbates the problem for alcohol abusers who can readily point to those factors as reasons for what may become excessive drinking.
A 24 hour addiction help service such as a toll free hotline, or informational and referral website can help someone struggling with addiction, or someone concerned about a loved one’s drinking, find the necessary answers to questions about rehabilitation and recovery.
Illicit drug use might not be as common as alcohol abuse but because it is often carried out in the dark recesses of society and out of public view, can be harder to determine and recognize. Because of the illegal nature of street drugs like crack cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, an abuser will be more concerned about hiding the abuse or addiction.
If you suspect a loved one of drug abuse or addiction, a 24 hour addiction help service would be able to answer questions about signs, symptoms, and scenarios that might suggest drug abuse. That service will also be able to educate you regarding treatment options and the different methods and techniques to be used to bring an addict to the realization that treatment is necessary and may be life saving.
Prescription drug abuse major concerns for those who work in the addiction field. It is among the fastest growing problems among teenagers and adults who are often caught off guard when it comes to the seriousness of the issue.
Painkillers like OxyContin have chemical-altering properties that can change body composition and make the drug a necessity. Binding to pain receptors in the brain, nervous system and gastrointestinal tracts, Oxycontin blocks the body’s ability to perceive pain. The drug also causes a state of euphoria which is very attractive to many addicts, as it also increases accordingly with the amount of ingestion.
Long term use of Oxycontin can lead to a total dependence on it for pain and withdrawal symptoms as it decreases and eventually halts the production of endorphins in the brain.
The drug can be obtained by prescription by simply exaggerating the amount of pain felt after surgery or some other physical trauma. Having the drug in the house for legitimate pain management may make it easily accessible to teenagers who have no idea about the addictive properties associated with a quick high.
All of the above scenarios can be addressed with 24 hour addiction help services. Educate yourself about what questions to ask, what signs to look for, and what viable treatment options are available for a loved one who is suffering from addiction. In many cases, treatments are covered by group insurance which can alleviate the cost associated with rehabilitation.

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