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Searching for drug or alcohol addiction help for yourself or a loved one? Drug and alcohol addiction can severely affect many aspects of your life such as your job, personal health, and even your relationships with friends and family. This makes it essential to get help as soon as possible. All the different types of treatment options, many different rehabilitation centers, and the accumulating cost of all it can be very overwhelming to consider. That’s where a drug help hotline like 24houraddictionhelp.org can help.

An alcohol and drug addiction hotline like 24houraddictionhelp.org offers some of the most comprehensive information and drug and alcohol addiction help and services around. While you may be tempted to try to make it through detoxification and rehabilitation processes on your own, it has been proven time and time again that professional inpatient or outpatient drug and alcohol addiction help and treatment is the most successful way to overcome your addiction and abuse problems without relapse.

Our alcohol and drug addiction hotline will be the stepping stone you need to get the treatment you have been looking for. Our professional licensed and certified councilors, therapists, and physicians are on call 24 hours a day to provide comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction help, answer all of your addiction and abuse related questions, and even help find you a treatment center near you. Here are just some of the services our alcohol and drug help hotline provides:

1. Free Referrals- our 24-hour alcohol and drug addiction hotline provides free referrals for drug and alcohol addiction help include brief assessment of problems and level of addiction by professional therapists and suggestions for next treatment steps.

2. Placement Assessments- When placing a call to our drug help hotline, after briefly touching on the problems and illnesses the patient is facing and potential treatment options, our staff can help you research and decide on which treatment facilities near you would fit you and the type of addictions you are facing best.

3. Free insurance verification- After deciding which type of drug and alcohol addiction help and treatment centers are best for you, our certified staff can help you determine whether your insurance is accepted and assess best options and cheapest options for you.

4. Scholarship Assistance and Financing options- whether your insurance will help you cover a portion of the costs of treatments and necessary medications and doctor’s visits or not, 24houraddictionhelp.org can help you find, assess, and apply for scholarships that could help you. There are lots of scholarships available out there, are we are here to help you find them. In addition to scholarships, there are many financing options such as short term and long-term loans and grants. We can help you determine which would match best with your financial situation and the treatments prescribed.

5. Emergency Counseling- Whether it is your first time seeking alcohol addiction help or you have been a rehabilitation patient for years, sometimes you reach a breaking point and need someone to talk to, to help you get through it and keep you from relapsing. Our professional therapists are always on call day or night to help you get through the tough times and determine next steps for your treatment.

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