3 best physical disciplines for those recovering from alcoholism

For those who are recovering from alcoholism, it may help to pick up some new healthy habits to replace some of the old ones that didn’t work so well. Also, it can be highly invigorating to embrace a new type of activity. The following three disciplines have been found helpful by many recovering addicts.


The good news about developing a yoga practice when recovering from alcoholism is that the activity has become so incredibly popular that there are many varieties from which to choose. Do you like sweating it out? Then you may enjoy Bikram. Prefer a more mellow approach with centered breathing? Hatha yoga may be your kind of workout.

Regardless of the class you choose, practicing yoga is a wonderful way to become centered in your body while giving your muscles a good workout. The non-competitive nature of yoga makes it fun and relaxing. In addition, becoming a “regular” at a yoga class can provide structure, allowing you to make new friends outside of settings such as bars. The great thing about yoga is that the only equipment it requires is your own body; this is why classes are not usually very expensive.

Some studios even offer “donation” classes, in which yoga students contribute what they can afford. In some cities, there are even free classes offered in public spaces. You may want to check your local listings and see if there are any such classes near you.

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Developing a strong connection to nature can be one of the best possible activities for someone recovering from alcoholism. Hiking allows you to get your heart rate going while exploring the great outdoors. Also, you can select certain trails and mountains based upon your fitness level. It’s a healthy way to spend time with friends and family while making discoveries and enjoying the view.

For many people, a penchant for hiking can even lead to an affinity for camping, which is another excellent way to create special moments. By focusing on the beauty of nature and the present moment, you can allow yourself to truly relax.


Much has been made of the therapeutic benefits that horses can provide for persons who are trying to shun alcoholism, and there is a reason why. Spending time with these animals can provide us with a sense of majesty that so often feels lacking in everyday life, and it can also be a great form of exercise. There is always work to be done while on a horse farm, whether it’s lifting bales of hay, bringing buckets of water to a stall, or exercising the horses.

Trail riding mixes the best of both worlds—being in nature while getting a great workout with your horse. Other riding disciplines like dressage, jumping, and equitation all offer the horse enthusiast the opportunity to lose oneself in the moment and connect with an animal. If you end up truly enjoying your classes, you can often take things to the next level and participate in schooling shows. These are usually smaller horse shows designed so that riding students can show off what they’ve learned during their lessons. It can be a very positive experience to have friends and family members join you for these events also.

For more information about the best physical disciplines for those recovering from alcoholism—or any other guidance you may need—call the helpline at 800-447-9081.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

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