3 Physical Disciplines for Recovering from Stimulant Addiction

People who take stimulants do so because they are looking for a ‘high’. Individuals want to feel this way for a variety of reasons. They may want to escape from their problems, or they suffer from depression or perhaps they’re trying to avoid feeling the emotional pain from a traumatic experience. Most stimulant addiction treatment programs consist of many different elements. For example, therapy plays an important role in any treatment program. Different types of exercises can also benefit a person throughout his or her recovery from stimulant addiction. Checkout the three best physical disciplines for someone who is recovering from an addiction to stimulants.


A person who is recovering from an addiction to stimulants can benefit from the practice of yoga. Practicing yoga positions and exercising various muscles can help a person to get more in-tune with his or her body. Also, yoga exercise is done in a quiet atmosphere which allows an individual to meditate and focus his or her thoughts. Not surprisingly, people who are addicted to stimulants feel out of control a lot of the time. Yoga can help a person with stimulant addiction to develop a new sense of control, both mentally and physically. Yoga is an appealing exercise for many recovering addicts because it can be done alone or with a larger group of people. Plus, it can be continued at home after the person leaves a treatment facility.

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Jogging is the second most beneficial physical discipline for individuals who are recovering from stimulant addiction. Jogging can give a person a ‘high’, but in a natural way. More importantly, jogging doesn’t cause physical harm to the body. The aerobic activity of jogging causes a release of serotonin and other endorphins in the brain. These hormones improve a person’s attitude and drive away feelings of depression. Sometimes the sensation created by these hormones is referred to as a ‘runner’s high.’ A person is able to experience this sensation and improve his or her physical health at the same time. Also, whether a person is listening to music or just taking in the sights, a session of jogging can give him or her the opportunity to meditate on important issues.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding benefits a person in recovery from drug or stimulant addiction in more than one way. Riding a horse in the woods, in a field or in a fenced-in arena can give a person a sense of well-being. The person gets to spend time guiding and talking to his or her horse throughout the ride. Also, the act of brushing a horse, cleaning its hooves and saddling it contribute to a person’s overall feeling of calm. Focusing on the welfare of a horse and caring for it in many ways, can help a person to feel more at peace.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

Finally, if you are suffering from a stimulant addiction or you have a loved on who is, it’s critical that you get them into treatment right away. The first step is to call the helpline at 800-890-3586. There are professionals trained to help individuals recover from this serious addiction.

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