3 TV alcoholics: The secret to recovery

Television is a place where real life issues are often encapsulated into stories that portray the struggles of people in every day life situations. Among the many issues that make it into living rooms everywhere are stories sometimes involving a glimpse into the life of a person experiencing their own encounter with alcohol in a variety of personal and social situations. Alcoholics can sometimes learn what to do and what not to do by watching these individuals and how their stories play out, when it comes to facing their own struggles with recovery. Let us take a closer look at three television alcoholics and see if we can glean insights into the secret to alcohol recovery by examining key aspects of their on stage performances.

Norm Peterson From Cheers

Norm Peterson was a regular beer chugging alcoholic on the hit television series Cheers. Much of his life was spent at Sam’s bar, hiding from his wife Vira, and laughing it up with the other regulars over drinks. Though the series was steeped in comic relief, there was nothing comical about the reality of the depth of alcoholism that Norm was driving himself towards. One of the keys to recovering from being an alcoholic that we can learn from watching Norm’s life unfold is that using alcohol as a means to avoid interacting with one’s spouse is not typically going to be beneficial to recovery. Running from a marriage as a crutch intended to justify why a person continues to allow their drinking to spiral out of control is never the answer. Learning how to fix relationships and develop the support of one’s family to help them over their alcoholism is, on the other hand, a very positive approach to recovery.

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Barney Gumble

Barney Gumble was the excessive alcoholic friend of Homer Simpson on the hit television series The Simpsons. Missing an opportunity to make something important out of his life and enduring the loss of a love interest, made life’s often all too common failures a convenient reason for Barney Gumble becoming and remaining an alcoholic throughout the series. In looking at the reasons why Barney allowed himself to get stuck in a rut of alcoholism, it is easy to see that one part of the secret to recovery is to not allow one’s personal failings to become the regretful basis on which a person’s alcoholic behavior is based. If a person stops regretting what they failed to do and starts embracing an attitude of success instead, this makes the struggle for recovery happen a whole lot easier. It is a situation that begs the question of how long a person can lament over lost opportunities, when every day is filled with new ones that are certainly within our reach.

Otis Campbell

Otis Campbell was the town alcoholic in the hit television series, The Andy Griffith Show. Throughout the 1960’s, Otis would regularly get drunk and then let himself into his cell down at the police station to sleep off his intoxication. He was often the focus of Deputy Fife’s frustrations and ridicule, but was a character whose latter end was a testament to how time and effort can lead even the town drunk to a more stable end. In the 1986 film, Return to Mayberry, Otis is seen once again; only this time he is the driver of an ice cream truck, acknowledging that he had given up being an alcoholic many years back. This helps to expose that when a person looks forward to making changes to their life, not only can they recover from alcohol, but they can move forward to bigger and better things for themselves as well. If you are starting to think that it is time to look beyond a life of alcoholism and make recovery happen for yourself, then it is time to seek help from a qualified counselor who helps people get started down the path to alcohol recovery. The quicker you take the necessary steps to get started, the better your life will be because of it. Take action today and take your life back in the process.

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