4 Deadly Drug Combinations to Avoid

In today’s world of stress and anxiety, many people find themselves turning to various drugs to ease the pain and help them get from one day to the next. Unfortunately, there are those who feel if one type of drug helps some, then combining it with another will work twice as well. However, there are many deadly drug combinations that can produce serious if not lethal effects when taken together. As the popularity of prescription drugs and supplements continues to rise, the risk of using dangerous drug combinations has also risen. To make sure you or a loved one does not run the risk of serious illness or death, here are four deadly drug combinations that should be avoided.

1. Valium and Alcohol

For people seeking a way to fall asleep after a stressful day, valium has proven to be a prescription drug that does its job very well. Because it acts as a depressant to the body’s central nervous system, it helps to increase sedation. However, sometimes if relief does not come as fast as you would want, alcohol is consumed in an attempt to speed up the process. The danger here is that alcohol works just like valium, acting as a depressant and increasing drowsiness. If combined together, the two lead to confusion, impaired memory and eventually loss of consciousness and a coma, resulting in death.

2. OxyContin and Alcohol

One of the most popular prescription drugs for managing pain, OxyContin has also become one of the most addictive for many people. Though given to people with the hope it will provide them with relief from the pain associated with an accident or injury, when combined with alcohol it gives the person a huge sense of euphoria, followed by bouts of extreme depression. As with the first drug combination of Valium and Alcohol, the drug combination of these two increases the sedation effect both have on your body, leading to respiratory depression and overdose.

3. Prinivil and Potassium

High-blood pressure is a common problem for which many people take medicine, but it can be deadly if combined with potassium. By decreasing the effectiveness of the blood pressure medicine, a person’s heart works harder and therefore its rhythm can get disturbed, leading to irregular heartbeats and ultimately death. People who combine these with over-the-counter decongestants can also experience the same effects, due to the fact the decongestant decreases the effectiveness of the blood pressure medication.

4. Cocaine and Prozac

These two together can be a deadly drug combination. Cocaine, already illegal to use, often hides the effectiveness of the drug, leading people feeling they need to take more to get the intended results. Combining these two drugs can also lead to dangerously high blood pressure, extreme depression and death. Many who have taken both have such extreme depression that there have been reports of suicide. Seizures have also been known to result from this drug combination, as have high levels of confusion and dizziness.

If you or a loved one is using any of these deadly drug combinations, the time has come to stop and get the necessary help to kick the habit. While it often sounds like a good idea at the time, combining these drugs can mean the start of an addictive cycle and puts your health or even your life at great risk. Rather than try to use dangerous combinations of drugs to deal with life’s issues, it’s much better to get the help you need to cope with issues and be able to lead the life you deserve.

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