4 ways your teen can hide his drug addiction from you

4 Ways Your Teen Will Be Able To Hide His Drug Addiction From You

No parent ever wants his or her child to suffer. The truth is that the world is a dangerous place and everyone is at some sort of risk for illness or other unfortunate occurrences. Despite the warnings against it, some children will try alcohol or drugs during their early lives. Unfortunately, drug addiction moves in when some children become hooked to their drugs of choice.

Teenagers struggling with drug addiction may often appear to be fine. They are simply hiding their disease deep within, perhaps unbeknownst even to those closest to them. Teens may be afraid that if they get caught they will get into trouble, be sent away, or even shunned by their families. Parents must be diligent when they suspect their child of using illegal drugs, before the use spins out of control.

There are several ways teens may try to hide their drug addiction. A teen may only use their drug of choice while out with friends or other places away from home. During this time, the teen may decide not to come home until they have “sobered up.” Parents should take note if their teen suddenly starts going out for hours at a time, perhaps even not coming home. Teens may say they are studying or sleeping over at a friend’s house, so parents should follow up on these claims.

Teenagers may also try to hide their drug addiction by disguising themselves. Certain drugs change a person’s physical appearance, causing blood shot eyes, bruising from injections, or slurred speech. Teens may use eye drops to hide the fact that their eyes are glossy or red. They may wear long sleeves to hide track marks. They may even change clothes so as not to transport the drug odor on their clothing.

Supporting a drug addiction lifestyle does not come cheap; in fact, serious addicts can spend hundreds of dollars a day on getting high. Teenagers may try to get money to feed their addictions in different ways. They may have legitimate part-time jobs or other gigs. However, they may also turn to desperate measures in order to fund their substance abuse. Teenagers may steal money from family members or even shoplift in order to flip merchandise for cash. Parents should try to monitor their children’s money in order to catch any inconsistencies.

Teens with serious drug addiction may hide the fact that they are using hard drugs by confessing to lesser offenses. Children addicted to heroin may say they are only smoking marijuana or drinking in order to make it seem like they aren’t doing worse things connected with drug addiction. However, different drugs make people act in different ways. Parents should observe their children and try to recognize drug-specific behaviors that may be occurring.

It is never easy to admit that your child may be suffering from drug addiction. The fact that he or she will try to evade detection may make it difficult for parents to confirm their suspicions. Concerned parents and guardians must be diligent and watch their teens carefully in order to see any uncharacteristic behavior resulting from drug addiction. Having a child that is struggling with addiction can be painful, but with a focused and tactical approach there is hope for recovery.

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