5 favorite hiding places for drugs

5 favorite hiding places for drugs

If you think that someone who uses drugs will keep what they use out in the open for everyone to see, then you would be wrong. Most people who use drugs, especially if they don’t want anyone else to know about it, will hide their drugs in various places that they think no one will look. There are some places in and around the home that are a little more common hiding places than others.

Writing Utensils
Although this is an older trick, it still works. Some people will remove the ink from a pen and store Cocaine inside. This makes it easier to snort. There is also a way to hide small amounts of drugs inside highlighters. All the person has to do is look like he’s studying something or writing, and no one would know the difference.

Check The Car
If you know someone who has his own car and usually keeps it locked even though it doesn’t need to be, there is the possibility that the person is keeping drugs inside. Some people will hide drugs in the cigarette lighter or even the trunk. The area under the seats is a good place. So too is the center console. Drugs can be hidden under the hood by taping bags to areas that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

The Toilet
One of the places that you might see on television but that works very well is under the toilet tank. The drugs will stay cool so that they are likely to last longer, and not many people would go snooping under the tank of a toilet looking for something unless there was a reason. When drugs are hidden under a toilet tank, they are often wrapped securely in plastic and somewhat compressed so that no one sees the package. Many bathrooms, especially in new homes, have exhaust fans. This makes it a little easier to smoke in the room without anyone detecting smoke.

In The Wall
A popular place for teenagers to hide drugs is behind posters. They think that no one will bother looking at the wall behind a poster because it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary. Some people might have to drill a small hole behind the poster in order to place the drugs securely, but many just tape a small bag to the wall and put the poster back in place. This is a location for drugs such as Marijuana or Cocaine that can be kept flat.

Prescription Bottles
An easy place to hide drugs that not many people would suspect is in a prescription bottle. The person already has access to the bottle on a daily basis if the medication is taken regularly. No one would think any different about what’s inside because it has the person’s name and information.

If you think that someone in your home is hiding drugs, be cautious when looking. If the person thinks that you are snooping, then it could make him angry and less willing to communicate with you.

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