The 5 Things About Having an Intervention For Your Spouse

If you’re thinking about an intervention for your husband or wife, the likelihood of success increases greatly if you don’t do it alone. Since the spouse’s alcohol or substance abuse has impacted everybody around them, key players in their lives should participate. The result you want from an intervention is an immediate decision from your spouse on whether or not they’re going to undergo treatment. You’ll need your sights set on that destination. These steps will aid in getting your spouse there.

Have an objective

Family members or friends who are going to participate in the intervention must have a common purpose and objective. You’ll be calling on your spouse to make an immediate decision. You want to influence that decision. As a treatment center is likely to be involved, have one lined up and awaiting the arrival of your spouse. Avoid an intervention until such time as all preparations have been made. If all of the doors are opened, your spouse’s decision to walk through them becomes much easier.

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Make it unexpected

Don’t let your spouse know that the intervention is being planned. Although they might complain about people close to them working against them and behind their back, they’ll see it as beneficial and out of genuine concern after they’ve been detoxified. Their reasoning will become clearer. If they know it’s coming, they might prepare a defense. The unexpected surprise takes away their ability to prepare that defense.

The consequences of refusal

You don’t want to be threatening or giving an ultimatum, but make sure that the addict fully understands the consequences should they refuse to begin treatment immediately. Be prepared to fully explain those consequences. Either they act immediately or you act immediately, and there will be consequences if you act. Next week or the end of the month isn’t satisfactory. Idle threats will only operate to enable the spouse. Your enabling is over then and there.

Use an interventionist

You’ve never been through this before. A professional interventionist does interventions for a living. They’ll organize and prepare the participants for the process and recommend the type of treatment that will be appropriate. The interventionist is trained and experienced in working with addicts and their different emotional reactions to what is suddenly facing them. They can maintain the positive tenor of the intervention without negatively confronting your spouse. They’ll significantly increase the likelihood that your efforts at getting your spouse professional attention will be successful.

Have a heart

Another reason why a professional interventionist should be present is to keep the intervention compassionate. Those family members and friends who will be present love and care for your spouse. They want to help them through a very difficult time with a very difficult problem. That’s another reason why the interveners should consist of people that your husband or wife cares for and respects. They’ll realize that everybody close to their heart says there’s a problem, and they’ll know exactly what the problem is.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

Our hotline helpline is always staffed. Just call 800-447-9081. Family and friends that will be involved in an intervention want to be on the same page of the playbook at all times.

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