5 Ways You Can Get Immediate Help for Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can be painful, miserable, and often dangerous; the desire to get immediate help for drug addiction is warranted. There is no quick cure for drug addiction, and the process of getting clean is generally lengthy and grueling. There are, however, multiple things that a drug user can do to get some immediate help to begin the process of overcoming drug addiction.


If a person has taken drugs and fears that a medical emergency is happening, he or she needs to call 911 immediately. Emergency professionals are the best option for quickly responding to and treating a medical emergency caused by drug overdose. Death is not the cure for drug addiction, and receiving quick emergency assistance could prevent great personal harm. The hospital itself will also likely know about helpful resources and treatments that drug addicts can use to take the next steps towards getting clean.


Drug addicts who want to get help for drug addiction, but are not experiencing medical emergencies may want to take advantage of some of the drug addiction hotlines available for help with drug addiction. All with the same goals: providing help for drug addiction, these hotlines vary in strategies and levels of professionalism; some are more social and are geared towards giving individuals a safe place to discuss their addictions while others are more action-driven and aimed at giving advice about what to do next. In a similar vein, for those who do not like talking on the phone, or are more comfortable behind a screen, there are also multiple forums, websites, and the like on the Internet that individuals can access with a few clicks or taps of the fingers that can give help for drug addiction.


Detoxification is a highly popular choice for drug addicts because it is often the crucial first step in the treatment and recovery process. While there are different types of detox programs, the general idea of them is to primarily get the addict to stop using the drug and if needed, to use less-dangerous, doctor-prescribed drugs to aid the withdrawal process. Detoxification itself takes some time, but those who want instant help for their drug addictions will at least get quick for those who do not like talking on the phone at a detoxification center.


No magic pill exists that will instantly cure drug addiction, but there are medications available to addicts as part of treatment programs that can immediately help curb some of the urges associated with drug abuse. The medicines that doctors order will largely depend on the specific drug addiction that is being treated, and the overall treatment plan will also be taken into consideration. Methadone and Buprenorphine are popular options for those addicted to opioids; Naltrexone, Acamprosate, and Disulfiram are often prescribed to help fight alcohol addiction. Bupropion and Varenicline as well as Nicotine replacements in patch, lozenge, or spray form may be used to treat tobacco addiction.

Therapy Assessment

Because the process and planning is extensive, a drug addict will not be able to begin behavioral therapy instantaneously upon deciding to do so; however, he or she will still be able to complete an assessment that will begin the process of recovery. Even the process of completing an assessment can be a solid mental boost to a drug addict because it is a positive step forward and makes the path to rehabilitation more concrete.

No single action will instantly cure drug addiction, but utilizing some of the resources presented here can at least get the individual started on the path to recovery. Those who are struggling with drug addiction or who have a loved one struggling with drug addiction should get in touch with a detoxification and/or rehabilitation facility as soon as possible, as this is the most reliable way to get help for drug addiction and proceed to recovery.

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