7 Highly Addictive Prescription Medications

Prescription medications are used to help control certain medical conditions. As a result, they are often a very necessary part of treating medical conditions. While such medications can be highly useful, they can also carry the risk of addiction. A person may find them addictive and be unaware of the fact. If you or a loved one take one or more of the following medications, you may be at risk from addiction as a result. It is important to be aware of this possibility.

1. Amphetamines

This prescription medications are used to treat conditions that can make it hard for someone to concentrate. Such conditions may make it very hard for someone pay attention in school or to complete tasks at work. The medication can help people correct these conditions and pay attention when necessary on tasks that they need to complete. Unfortunately, it can also lead to an addiction if taken too often. People may take it to help the concentrate and stay awake for long periods of time. This is dangerous.

2. Darvocet

This is medication is often prescribed to help people deal with temporary and long-term medical conditions that cause pain. For example, a woman who has given birth may take it to aid her recovery after a C-section. Someone may also be prescribed the medication to help combat pain for a condition such as cancer. The medication can be highly addictive and should only be taken when needed.

3. Demerol

Demerol is another medication that is prescribed for pain relief. It is often used for conditions such as when people are recovering from surgery. A person may take the medication intravenously as well as via pill form. The medication must be carefully monitored as it is potentially addictive.

4. OxyContin

This medication is often prescribed to help people with cope with serious pain. Someone may have a case of advanced bone cancer or other advanced and painful condition. The medication can help them feel much better. However, this medication has come under scrutiny in recent years because it has been shown to be potentially highly addictive. Use of the medication has led to overdoses and deaths.

5. Percocet

Percocet is prescribed to help patients recover from a painful procedure as surgery. It is a widely used drug. It is also a widely abused drug. People may take extra pills without even being aware they are doing so. If possible, people need to limit their use of this medication.

6. Ritalin

Like amphetamines, Ritalin is used in the treatment of conditions that make it hard for people to concentrate. Just as amphetamines, Ritalin use can also create many problems for those who abuse it. The medication may cause all kinds of problems with addiction. People often find it hard to overcome an addiction to this medication.

7. Vicodin

Vicodin is a standard painkiller. It is used to help people combat both temporary and long term pain. The medication can unfortunately be highly addictive. People may experience many kinds of withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to beat the addiction.

Use of any one of these prescription medications can cause all kinds of symptoms. They can lead to many kinds of additional and unpleasant symptoms that may interfere with a person’s ability to hold down a job, interact with others and carry out basic daily responsibilities. If you or someone you love, thinks they have a problem with the use and abuse of prescription medications, it is imperative to call and get help. Addiction treatment center staffers can help you or a loved one get the help you need to fight your addiction and reclaim your life.

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