A Look Into Substance Abuse Rehab Facilities

If you’re currently suffering from the negative effects of drug addiction, you should be aware that there are plenty of services available for you to turn to when you’re ready to get well. There are several different types of substance abuse rehab centers from which you can choose. If you aren’t sure which type of rehab program will work best for your needs, read on for a description of the two major varieties: inpatient and outpatient.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Centers

As noted above, there are two types of substance abuse rehab facilities, inpatient and outpatient. An outpatient program is one in which you can attend several times a week or month, but will still be able to go home at night. This is the perfect rehab program for people who cannot afford to check into a full-time care facility because they have a job or family responsibilities.

An inpatient rehab facility is a place in which a person checks into full-time for a certain period that may last weeks or even months. This type of facility features round-the-clock medical observation and counseling, and is much more intensive than outpatient treatment.

Programs and Amenities Offered in Rehab Facilities

Both types of substance abuse rehab centers feature certain programs and amenities that are designed to help a person recover from drug addiction as quickly as possible. Outpatient and inpatient programs offer medical assistance to ease the effects of withdrawal from the specific drug to which the person is addicted. These centers also give the patient counseling to ensure the mental side effects of withdrawal are addressed.

Other programs may be offered by a substance abuse rehab program of either type, such as help with getting back into the workforce after a prolonged stay in rehab. There typically will be a program of follow up counseling and treatment, designed to help the patient avoid a relapse into addiction after the initial phase of rehabilitation is complete.

Which Type of Program Is Best for You?

You may have some trouble deciding just which type of substance abuse rehab program is best for you. Generally speaking, if you have a family or a job you simply cannot take the time to be away from, an outpatient program will probably work best for you. You can get the medical attention and counseling you need while still being able to report to your place of employment and earn the money you need to support yourself and your family.

An inpatient program works best for those whose level of addiction is extremely serious, and who simply cannot afford to run the risk of relapsing back into that addiction due to the pressures they may encounter in the home or workplace. They may already have gone to a rehab program once or twice, but have still managed to relapse. For people who fall within this category, an inpatient program is much better suited to their specific needs.

The Choice to Get Better Is Always Yours

Drug addiction is an increasingly serious drain on the American healthcare system. The choice to regain your health and independence from the clutches of drug addiction is always in your power. No matter what sort of rehab program you choose to attend, please make sure that you follow the advice and guidance of the attending physicians and counselors.

Belief in a Higher Power

You may choose to attend an inpatient or outpatient center where the guiding philosophy is belief in a higher power. This may include such programs as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or others. Such programs may work best for people who have deep religious beliefs. However, they also may be beneficial for people who have no deep feelings, but simply recognize that their addictions have gotten too far out of hand for them to deal with by themselves.

Help for Drug Addiction Is Always Available

No matter what area of the country in which you live, from the inner city to even the most remote rural vicinity, there’s sure to be a rehab program near you. If you’re experiencing the terrible side effects of drug addiction or withdrawal from drug use, there’s simply no time like the present to get the medical care and counseling you need to break the cycle of addiction – once and for all.

How to Get the Information You Need to Go to Rehab

Regardless of whether you choose to check into an inpatient or outpatient facility, one thing is certain: You need to check into rehab as soon as possible. You may not know exactly how to go about doing this. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the special substance abuse rehab helpline at 800-447-9081 today for more information.

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