Abuse of Replacement Medications: Shooting Methadone and Other Methods of Use

The majority of methadone manufactured and sold in the United States is designed to easily pass through a person’s digestive system. The manufacturers understand that oral medications need a longer timeframe in order to take effect. Therefore, such medications aren’t prone to causing the sudden burst of euphoria commonly associated with most drugs that go directly into the bloodstream when injected intravenously, which is why severe complications may arise when shooting methadone rather than taking it orally as prescribed.

Additives and Fillers

Any food or substance that hits an acidic, churning stomach is broken down almost instantly. Methadone manufacturers create a bubble that surrounds and protects the active ingredient in the medication to help it reach the stomach instead of breaking down in either the mouth or throat. The additives consist of the following:

• Sorbitol
• Food coloring
• Flavoring
• Glycerin

Some of these key ingredients won’t break down once inside the veins, if shooting methadone is the method used. Microscopic bits may remain and serve as tiny missiles that can travel to the lungs and heart, potentially resulting in significant damage. Additionally, shooting methadone can cause the veins to become blocked and bleed, which is very dangerous.

Why Stopping Yourself From Shooting Methadone Is Hard

If you started taking methadone as a result of a heroin addiction, you may have an addiction to the actual process itself of shooting up drugs along with the addiction to the drug. For instance, researchers discovered that nearly 50 percent of individuals who shot methadone did so due to a fixation with needles. They were addicted to the process and therefore had difficulty conquering the problem without professional help.

Other Ways to Take Methadone

There’s a reason pain medications are meant to be taken orally as prescribed by a doctor. Even though methadone can be injected intravenously or crushed and then snorted, taking it orally is better controlled and much safer than other ways of ingesting it. Snorting methadone induces the drug’s effects much more quickly, providing instant relief from pain and an intense euphoric feeling. This rapid rush is very dangerous to the system, as it increases the risk of an overdose.

Methadone Overdoses

Prescription drugs that are intended to be taken orally frequently have time-release qualities, which means that only a very small amount of the medication is activated at a time. This enables you to take it and benefit from the effects of the drug over a prolonged time period. However, when injecting time-released methadone, you’ll feel the whole effect of it all at once, which greatly increases the chance of a subsequent overdose. Even a typical dose that you normally take orally without any problems could induce an overdose when injected, simply because you’ll feel the entire impact when it hits your system. Depending on the dose, death can follow.

The best and easiest way to make sure that none of these issues ever happen to you is to always take your methadone prescription as prescribed by your doctor. However, if you do have a problem with shooting methadone, you’ll need professional help to stop.

Regardless of how long you’ve been shooting methadone, you can stop and help is readily available to you. Call the hotline number at 800-447-9081 to talk to a professional experienced in methadone abuse who can inform you about the best inpatient treatment available for your problem. Admit that you have a problem, and take the next step and call the number. Soon, you’ll return to living a drug-free, healthy lifestyle.

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