Abusing Replacement Medications: Can You Inject Methadone?

Methadone is intended to be taken orally, usually under the supervision of a medical professional. Some of those who abuse methadone find that drinking a liquid or taking a pill doesn’t provide a sufficient high. This causes these individuals to find alternate ways to abuse the medication. Read on to learn the answer to the question, “Can you inject methadone?” as well as some of the dangers of shooting this medication.

Can You Inject Methadone?

It’s possible to inject methadone. Some people go to great lengths to turn orally administered methadone into a substance that can be injected. This is usually done by cooking the liquid on a range top, although there are people who inject the liquid directly. Injecting methadone gives addicts the ability to put a large amount of the drug into the body in a very short amount of time. It’s the most dangerous way to take methadone and can lead to several serious complications.

The Dangers of Injecting Methadone

Injecting methadone carries significant risks. One of the main risks comes from the needles used to inject the drug. Sharing needles can spread serious diseases between people. You could contract hepatitis C, or the human immunodeficiency virus also known as HIV. Both of these diseases will permanently change your life and can be contracted with just one injection. An added risk is an infection at the injection site resulting from a dirty needle. Infections can cause organ damage and threaten your life.

Damage to Your Veins and Body

Injecting methadone can damage your veins and body. Repeatedly puncturing your veins will cause them to shrink, which can lead to veins that are scarred and eventually collapse completely. Damage to your veins can result in dangerous clots and cause heart problems due to decreased circulation. Another risk comes from the substances mixed in with the methadone. The drug can contain food coloring, flavoring and binders that harm your body. Cooking methadone in a pan may infuse the solution with aluminum or other metal particles, which can lead to permanent physical damage.

Intense Side Effects

Another risk of injecting methadone is the intensity of the side effects you’ll experience. Injecting the drug forces your body to handle all of the side effects at one time. You could become confused and disoriented quickly, or immediately stop breathing. Injecting the drug can damage your liver. You can lose your ability to coordinate your actions so that you cannot walk or move properly. These negative effects come on very quickly when you shoot methadone.


A final danger of shooting methadone is an overdose. It’s possible to inject a large amount of highly concentrated methadone in just a few seconds. You can start to experience an overdose minutes after a large injection. An overdose can cause you to lose consciousness, have a heart attack or have a seizure. Methadone overdoses can be fatal if you take too much and don’t receive immediate medical attention.

Can you inject methadone? The answer is yes, although you should never attempt to use it in this manner. Injecting methadone carries too many risks. If you’ve started shooting methadone, seek help as soon as possible. Get into a residential rehab center where you can detox safely and recover in a supportive environment. Call the hotline at 800-447-9081 to get help overcoming your methadone addiction.

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