What Is Adderall Withdrawal Like When This Medication Is Abused?

Anyone who’s abusing Adderall can become physically dependent on the substance. Adderall is a stimulant that’ll change how your body works over time. If you stop using Adderall suddenly, you’ll typically experience withdrawal for anywhere from a day to a week. It can help to know what Adderall withdrawal is like when the medication is abused.

Fatigue and Sleepiness

One of the main symptoms of Adderall withdrawal is extreme fatigue. This occurs because your body has become dependent on the stimulant for energy. The sudden lack of Adderall will cause you to feel tired and lethargic. You might sleep for very long periods of time while your body attempts to return to normal, and your muscles could start to feel very weak. This often results in one to three days of doing nothing but lying still in bed.

Muscle Pain and Cramps

Another potential withdrawal symptom is muscle pain. You might start to have a general ache running through your muscles, or experience cramping in your abdomen. This can become an intense pain in some cases. The pain can make it hard to relax, and is often accompanied by sweating and increased body temperature. However, this discomfort will eventually pass.


Adderall withdrawal will trigger confusion and mental fogginess. You may have problems talking and listening, and there’s a chance you’ll become unable to put together complex thoughts. Doing simple things might become very difficult as the Adderall leaves your system. The confusion sometimes results in loss of physical coordination. Confusion is a serious problem because it can lead to injuries from misguided actions.


Your central nervous system will be affected as you go through withdrawal. This can cause you to start shaking. The extent of the shaking is related to how long you’ve been abusing Adderall and how much you’ve been taking. Minor shaking might affect only your hands and fingers. However, withdrawal from an intense Adderall addiction can actually cause convulsions where your whole body will shake. Shaking can cause you to unintentionally injure yourself by hitting things or falling.

Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

The chemicals responsible for normal thoughts are thrown out of balance when you go through Adderall withdrawal. You could have unusual or disturbing thoughts for no reason and may have exceptionally vivid dreams. Many people go into a state of deep depression that can last for days or weeks. People who’ve been abusing large amounts of Adderall sometimes have suicidal thoughts. This is why it’s so important to go through withdrawal under medical supervision.


A final potential problem is seizures. These episodes can occur because your brain is changing so rapidly, leading to a series of wrong signals being generated in your brain. A seizure causes physical convulsions, confusion and an inability to respond to the outside world. Seizures can last for seconds or minutes, some of which are very violent and can result in brain damage.

The safest and best way to go through Adderall withdrawal is at an inpatient treatment facility. These centers have medical detox programs where you can be monitored and cared for until the worst withdrawal symptoms have passed. If you want to stop abusing Adderall, call the helpline at 800-447-9081 today to learn about treatment options.

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