How is addiction relapse different?

Breaking an addiction to illegal substances can take time. Relapse prevention programs help many people to avoid returning to addiction. There are still times when an individual might relapse despite the best efforts of professionals. This does not mean that relapse prevention should be abandoned. It is important to understand how relapse prevention is different after an addiction relapse and whether it will still be effective.

Focus On the Cause of the Addiction Relapse

One way that things will be different is that you will likely be focusing on the cause of the specific relapse rather than on general information. This is necessary because you will need to reflect on the situation and see where the weaknesses in your strategy occurred. You will have to walk through exactly what happened to understand why the relapse occurred and what can be done in the future to avoid another relapse. You might receive educational counseling to address the precise issues that seem to have caused you to try using illegal substances again. This focus can provide invaluable information that you will be able to use to create plans that will allow you to avoid a relapse later.

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Develop New Coping Mechanisms

The next way things will be different is that you will be developing new coping mechanisms. Most people in these programs learn about some classic coping mechanisms that have been proven effective for a large number of individuals. Unfortunately, an addiction relapse indicates that you might not have the correct coping mechanisms that work for you and your lifestyle. You will spend time looking for new ways to cope with your specific situation. This could mean developing unconventional techniques that will make it easier for you to stay free from illegal substances.

Reexamine Your Support Network

Another difference is that you might need to reexamine your support network. You might have to determine whether someone within your support network enabled your addiction relapse or contributed to the problem. You will need to consider whether your support network contains enough people and whether they might have been able to help you during the relapse. There is a chance that you will want to add new people to your network who can provide you with more immediate support in the future.

Closer Monitoring Of Problems

A large difference is that there will be closer monitoring of problems that you experience in your life. This means that more attention will be paid to your state of mind and any issues that you are having. This is especially true if the addiction relapse occurred because of something that you could encounter on a regular basis such as a coworker or a specific location. This is necessary in order to prevent you from developing new and unhealthy habits that include using illegal substances to deal with everyday stresses and problems.

Effectiveness after an Addiction Relapse

The belief is that relapse prevention programs are no less effective after an addiction relapse occurs. The opposite is true. The effectiveness of the program will increase because information becomes available about the situations and triggers that you are encountering during your life. This allows you to move from abstract concepts to concrete actions that can make a real difference every day. The professionals running the program will be better able to tailor sessions to meet your needs and situation. Relapse prevention is just as effective even if you experience an addiction relapse while taking part in the program.

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An addiction relapse is a setback although it does not mean that any chance of remaining clean and sober is lost. It is possible to recover from a relapse to become stronger than before. If you are interested in treatment for addiction or relapse prevention, then you should get in touch with a rehab center immediately.

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