An Addiction to Meth: Photos and Stories of Users

People who’ve never struggled with a drug addiction may find it easy to laugh at meth photos and deride individuals who are addicted to meth. They believe that users willingly choose to keep using this drug and that they’re not worthy of anyone’s sympathy or help. However, people who are addicted to meth often are quick to admit that they underestimated the power of this drug, or how meth could overtake every aspect of their lives. When people hear the stories of meth users and see meth photos of how these individuals have declined in appearance, they may be more sympathetic and willing to help someone they know overcome an addiction to methamphetamine.

Personal Stories of Meth Users

Meth addicts’ personal stories often vary when it comes to how they actually became addicted to the drug. Some people were introduced by friends or family to meth. Others sought it out as a way to get a better high than can be enjoyed through drinking or smoking marijuana. Regardless of how they became addicted, users’ stories often mirror each other in terms of how this drug overtook their lives. For someone who’s never suffered an addiction or been around a drug user, these stories may come as a shock, but may also help open a person’s eyes to the devastation brought on by meth.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

Most users tell stories of how they lost interest in living any type of normal life once addicted to meth. Highly professional individuals found that they couldn’t keep up their careers because they were always on the lookout for their next drug score. Parents lost interest in raising their children in favor of going out and buying from the local meth dealer. In some cases, the state had to put these addicts’ children into foster care or give them to other family members to raise. Students dropped out of school and began hanging around other users, separating themselves from friends, teachers and those who could have helped them had they reached out and asked.

The throes of addiction also robbed them of their abilities to control their impulses, to think and act rationally and manage their money. Their personalities became erratic and unpredictable. People who knew them well no longer recognized them, nor even wanted to be around them. Even more, their appearances suffered as they developed the telltale sores on their faces and skin, and their teeth decayed and fell out entirely. Users who were arrested often couldn’t recognize themselves in their own mug shot meth photos.

Happy Endings to Meth User Stories

As gut-wrenching as many users’ stories are, it should be noted that it’s possible for any user to rewrite the tale and enjoy a happy ending. The biggest step that addicts, or someone who’s determined to help them, should take is to call a reliable helpline and listen to the advice given by the professional drug counselors who are available to them.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

By calling a hotline like 800-447-9081, people are giving themselves or someone they know a chance to overcome a serious and deadly addiction to meth. Recovery is always available to people who are addicted to meth, and it’s often the best resource to help people end their personal drug addiction story on a positive note.

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