Addiction Treatment Facility: Top Questions to Ask before Admission

Whenever you or a loved one is in the process of finding help at an addiction treatment facility, it’s important to get the most information possible—before admission to the facility.

In addition, making a comparison between several different facilities is even more crucial, as the wide range of treatments, staff credentials, facility accreditation and methods used sometimes vary greatly.

Bearing in mind that help is readily available for those who ask for it, this article covers the top five questions that an individual, family member or friend needs to ask before making an important decision such as admitting a person for treatment.

1. The Facility’s Program/Staff Credentials and Licensing

A state’s licensing requirement varies according to different states and is not considered the same as an accreditation from national program agencies such as the Joint Commission, the National Committee for Quality Assurance and the All-States.

A comprehensive clinical staff should consist of state-licensed addiction counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, spiritual professionals, social workers, marriage/family therapists and nutritionists. Be sure to look for the following licensed credentials when checking for addiction professionals:

  • A licensed alcohol and drug counselor (LADC)
  • A licensed professional counselor (LPC)
  • A certified addictions counselor (CAC) and/or
  • A certified co-occurring disorders counselor (CCDP)

2. How Effective Is the Treatment?

An addiction treatment facility in good standing should always engage in ongoing research and follow-up programs that decide how effective their particular program has been. This is usually done by way of their own clinical research and by collaboration with other professionals in their field.

A quality addiction treatment facility should not only say they engage in an effective program, they also need publications in professional papers and journals to back up their claims. Never take anyone’s word for anything—check it all out and choose wisely.

Another area to research is whether the facility’s treatment protocol calls for a medical detox program. As a prerequisite, a full, medically supervised detox- and general-health evaluation should be made of all persons coming for help to a treatment clinic or facility.

3. The Environment at the Facility

Essentially, does a facility foster a sense of peaceful calm, safety and support on an individual basis? Likewise, checking out whether sessions are held according to gender or co-ed platforms is also vitally important. Moreover, having a pleasant, private living space so that people can periodically withdraw to their own thoughts is many times equally vital.

4. Is the Facility’s Approach a Holistic One?

Today’s approach to addictive treatment has shifted from one that was totally body oriented to one that is holistic: mind, body and everything else related to an individual. It includes an approach that takes into consideration an individual’s family surroundings, psychological makeup, social needs, health issues and even their spiritual needs.

Furthermore, by having the family or loved ones participate in better understanding the process, they help achieve a more-successful recovery for the person in need. Today, a holistic approach is a comprehensive mindset being used in many areas that treat the total man.

5. What Financial Resources Are Available for Treatment?

Flexibility in working with insurance companies and in securing viable financing for a facility’s client is of utmost importance in this or any other health-related field. Complicating the process is navigating through the maze of proper paperwork and knowing what is available to whom.

A reputable addiction treatment facility has financial managers available not only to tell a client what help is available to them, but also to know how to coordinate working with insurance companies, grants and other financial resources whenever needed.

No matter your age, start right now on the road to successful recovery and a new life by careful researching and asking the above five questions before choosing an addiction treatment program.

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