Alcohol and Drug Addiction on Teens and Young Adults

Teens and young adults are in the process of discovering who they are. This important process allows teens and young adults to make the often difficult transition from child to a fully functional adult with a completed education, stable housing and fulfilling job. During this time, the teen may face all kinds of challenges and temptations. Many teens and young adults will face all kind obstacles on their way to becoming an adult. One of the most common of such obstacles is alcohol and drug addiction on teens and young Adults. Drug use and abuse is highly common in this age group. It is important for someone who is a teen or young adult to get help for their drug use as soon as possible.

Recognition of the Problem

The first step for any teen or young adult is the recognition that they have a problem. Doing so will allow them to admit they have a problem and ultimately get help for it. If you are a teen or young adult and you think you have a problem with such substance abuse, you will need to figure out if you have a problem.

In many instances, teens are prescribed medications to help with problems. These medications may be used to treat mental conditions such as ADHD or similar conditions that may it hard for someone to concentrate on their schoolwork. These are commonly prescribed and widely used drugs. Unfortunately, the use of such drugs may be addictive. A teen or young adult who is taking them may develop a problem with too much of the medication. They may have issues as a result that make them dependent on the use of such drugs to get through the day or confront a problem such as the need to do well on a test.

Another way that teens may have a problem with drugs is with the use of drugs that are available in their local community. In many regions of the country, the teen will find that it is easy to get ahold of common street drugs. They may succumb to such temptation and become addicted.

Seek Professional Help

In all such instances, it is important to get help. A teen or young adult should first turn to a trusted authority figure and speak to them. This may be a parent, a teacher, a guidance counselor or even a slightly older sibling. The important thing is to find someone who will listen to your concerns and work to help you.

In most instances, talking out one’s problems with drugs or alcohol will lead to help from the person you have spoken to directly. The person will notify the appropriate authorities that a person they know or care for has an issue with substance abuse. At that point, you can expect action to be taken. Sometimes, they may have an immediate effect on your life. Your caregiver may realize that you need help as soon as possible and work to get you that help within a short period of time.

In most instances, you can expect that the person will help you seek formal help. This will consist of outpatient or inpatient treatment at a rehab center specializing in such help. Many rehab centers have specially trained units and staffers who work directly with alcohol and drug addiction of teens and young adults. Their aim is to provide help for members of this population. The treatment will often consist of a combination of working on behavior patterns and the use of medications to help overcome the underlying addiction. If you have any further questions, contact a local rehab center directly.

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