Why a Behavior Intervention Plan is Important in Treatment for Teens

A successful addiction treatment program for teens is made up of many parts. All of the parts contribute to helping a teen recover from a harmful addiction. One of the most important elements of an addiction treatment program for teens is a behavior intervention plan. This detailed plan sets up a new way of living for a teen. This different way of life can prevent a teen from relapsing into an addiction. Take a look at why a behavior intervention plan is so important for a teen who is recovering from an addiction.

A Change of Environment

In most cases, teens who become addicted to drugs or alcohol hang around with other teens who engage in this harmful behavior. Not surprisingly, peers have a lot of influence over one another especially during the teenage years. A teenager who is recovering from addiction is more likely to relapse if he or she is allowed to hang around with friends who take drugs and/or drink alcohol. So, an effective behavior intervention plan for a teen in recovery from addiction will state that the teen is not allowed to hang out with others who participate in these harmful activities. The teen must adhere to the plan in order for it to be effective. Parents and counselors can help a teen to stay loyal to the plan. A teenager who stays clear of bad influences is more likely to enjoy a lasting recovery from addiction.

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Support for Recovery

A behavior intervention plan for a teen who is in recovery from addiction is also likely to include a support system for the person. For instance, the plan may include a schedule of group therapy meetings, private therapy and a certain amount of weekly phone calls to the teen’s counselor. All of these meetings and therapies help the teen to stay on the path to recovery from addiction. A teen with a support system that includes family members, therapists, counselors and even a social worker is more likely to succeed in conquering his or her addiction. Also, a teen must be held accountable to the people who are part of his or her support system.

Positive Activities

A teen’s behavior intervention plan will likely include a new set of activities to replace the old behaviors that led the person into addiction. For example, in the past, the teen may have hung out with friends every afternoon after dismissal from school. A behavior intervention plan may include volunteer work for the teen each day afterschool. Alternatively, if the teen is old enough, the behavior intervention plan may state that the student must hold a part-time job. The positive activities included in a behavior intervention plan are designed to help a teen rid him or herself of old habits that are likely to lead to a relapse.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

If you have a teenage child with an addiction, it’s critical that you seek help right away. One of the first steps you can take is to call the hotline at 800-447-9081. Trained professionals and counselors can help your teen recover from addiction and start a new way of life.

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