Why a Behavior Intervention Plan for at-risk Teens?

As a parent, it can be a little scary to look around and to see how vulnerable your teenager is. As a child grows into a teen, the focus of your concern goes from things like slippery floors to harmful friends and drug abuse. Teens are considered to be at risk for substance abuse because they have the physical abilities and rights of adults without the experience and forward planning that adults can bring to a situation. Drugs and alcohol can destroy a teen’s life, which is why a behavior intervention plan is so important. What is this plan, and how can it affect your teen’s life?

Taking a Look at a Behavior Intervention Plan

A behavior intervention plan is essentially a kind of plan that a teen can follow to alter her behavior. It’s a good idea for a teen who’s not affected by drugs at all, and it can be an excellent tool for teens who are on the verge of addiction or venturing into places where addiction is a problem. This plan essentially asks a teen to recognize when she’s at risk and to find alternative modes of behavior that are going to help her deal with issues in a more effective manner.

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The first part of the plan involves the teen identifying what triggers her behavior. For example, a teen who’s tempted by alcohol may be asked to figure out when she wants to drink. Does she want to drink when she’s with certain people? Does she want to drink when life has become very stressful? Does she want to drink when she’s angry, sad or happy? Once she’s figured out the answers to such questions, she can engage in better behaviors.

Identification is perhaps the most difficult part of this. After all, teens have less life experience than adults, but therapists or even concerned friends or family members can help teens figure out what’s going on in their minds.

Altered Behaviors

A behavior intervention plan then moves towards altered behaviors. Once the teen has figured out what her triggers are, she’ll then put the plan into play. For example, say a teen is very prone to drinking while at parties and when there are a lot of drinkers present. If the teen is at such a party, what should she do? Most obviously, she can leave, but there are other options available as well. She can call a friend or parent to come pick her up, or she can find someone who doesn’t drink and stand with that person.

Altered behaviors take time to implement, but they’re worth the effort. Instead of turning to alcohol or drugs, the teen will develop better coping mechanisms. This is a type of problem-solving behavior that can follow the teen throughout her life, helping her make better decisions for herself.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

If you’re committed to giving your teen great modes of dealing with stress in life, consider a behavior intervention plan. To achieve the results you need, call our hotline at 800-447-9081, and get a hold of a sympathetic ear. This helpline is waiting to help you!

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