The Benefits of Exercise in Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is a wonderful step to treating a number of different addictions. You may have an addiction to alcohol or maybe some type of drug or medication, so seeking help through addiction recovery therapy is a great place to seek for help. It is easy to understand how beneficial an addiction recovery program can be, at the same time, another important factor is exercise, which can seamlessly complement the treatment process with numerous benefits.

What Exercise Does for the Body

First and foremost, exercise can benefit the body by improving circulation, stamina and even a person’s breathing. People who are dealing with aches, pains and arthritis might find that exercise actually reduces their symptoms rather than makes those symptoms worse. Exercise sets the bones and muscles of the body moving to enhance physical health, especially for someone who lives a relatively sedentary and inactive lifestyle. During recovery treatment, exercise is an all-around great way to get the body moving in different ways to help it function at its best.

Besides the physical benefits of exercise, during your addiction recovery treatment, working out your body also has a number of mental benefits as well. It can help to relax a person so that he or she is not overly anxious, worried or depressed. The body releases endorphins during a workout, and these hormones are basically the “feel-good hormones” that you experience when you eat something tasty, like a piece of chocolate, or when you make love. The body is going to feel good during a workout, but it will feel even better after the workout is done.

Exercise can also be beneficial to those who have issues with having a good night’s sleep. As someone who is going through addiction recovery, a person may deal with insomnia much of the time. Anxieties, fears and worries that you’ve never had to deal with before in your life, may keep you up. For some, withdrawal symptoms may make it more difficult to fall asleep. Workouts throughout the addiction recovery process, and in general, tires out your body to help your body want to go to sleep at night. This is especially true if you do intense cardio workouts such as running, cycling or kickboxing.

Why Exercise is Great When You’re in Recovery

The reason exercising is so great for those in addiction recovery is because it benefits the person both physically and mentally. Addiction recovery is a very difficult and daunting task for those who have lived with addictions for years. Exercise is an outlet that the affected person can do when they are feeling stressed or agitated. If you are feeling angry, there is no better way to let off some steam than by completing an exhilarating run or taking a quick kickboxing class. It’s a constructive way to let your emotions out in a healthy and safe manner. Many people are also finding exercise to be almost therapeutic because it helps to calm anxieties, fears, worries and anger.

Exercise is also physically beneficial to you when you are in recovery. As mentioned before, exercise can help you to sleep better at night, and getting a good night of sleep is going to positively affect your next day. As someone who is overcoming an addiction, you may also be dealing with physical problems that are attributed to your addiction. Exercise can help the body to function better, as muscle and bone aches disappear. Exercising is a wonderful addition to addiction recovery. Be sure to speak with a local recovery center to see if this is the right option for you and your future.

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