Best Exercise Program for Alcoholism Recovery

It’s common knowledge that alcoholism causes major damage to the body and mind. One of the worse issues caused by alcoholism is the disruption of circadian rhythms. People who abuse alcohol experience problems with this rhythm, which makes it nearly impossible to sleep.

However, in terms of the problems caused by alcohol, this is only the tip of the iceberg. A number of recent studies involving hamsters show that hamsters who exercise crave alcohol less than hamsters who do not exercise. The same concept applies to humans.

The studies suggest that exercise can be a beneficial and effective way to treat alcoholism, but most rehab centers use exercise as along with a combination of treatments and therapies.

The right type of exercise helps to regulate circadian rhythm while reducing alcohol intake. The people who can benefit the most from the right exercise are recovering alcoholics.

How Exercise Helps Recovering Alcoholics

When a person drinks alcohol, his or her brain is forced to release a chemical called dopamine. The brain is trained to associate this chemical with rewarding behaviors, so over time, the brain causes a person to seek more alcohol. Exercise also has the power to make the brain release dopamine.

Put simply, a person is able to get the same type of buzz from exercise that they would get from drinking alcohol. The outcome of getting this buzz from exercise instead of alcohol is much better.

Studies show that people who’re genetically predisposed to become alcoholics should exercise as much as possible because the exercise will reduce their risk. People who’re currently suffering or recovering from an alcohol addiction can also benefit from regular exercise.

Research indicates that regular exercise reduces a person’s cravings for alcohol. Individuals can replace their drinking habit with exercise, and most people would agree that it’s a suitable alternative. This concept is very similar to people who try to stop smoking before they’ve changed their lifestyle.

It’s not uncommon for individuals to replace one habit with a different one. Since exercise activates the pleasure centers in the brain, it’s considered to be a healthy alternative to any addiction.

What Exercise Program Is Best?

After a person has quit drinking, he or she must go through recovery. The right exercise program can greatly increase the odds that a person will be able to stay sober over the long-term.

In terms of stress relief, there aren’t many activities better than exercise. It can help a person to fight away depressive symptoms while boosting mood. It also increases a person’s confidence and self-esteem, which is essential during the first few weeks of recovery.

For decades, researchers have been gathering data on the positive effects that exercise has on addiction recovery. To receive the greatest benefit, it’s important to engage in vigorous exercise. Recovering alcoholics should aim to get their heart rate to 220 minus their age.

Sprint 8 exercises are considered one of the best exercise programs for recovering alcoholics. Individuals can expect a significant boost after 20 minutes of this type of program. When compared to the benefits, the time investment is very small.

About 20 minutes of this exercise program can provide the same benefits of one to two hours of leisurely cardio exercise. The best type of exercise for recovering alcoholics is aerobic exercise.

As mentioned earlier, the Sprint 8 exercise program can work for all alcoholics, and in terms of the benefits for time invested, it’s the best program available. If you or someone who is close to you needs help, it’s wise to get help as soon as possible.

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