Which is the better drug rehab campus for adults?

Which is the better rehab campus for adults, single gender or mixed gender?

When you are looking for the right kind of substance abuse rehab campus for your friends and family, you need to think about what kind of campus is best. There are single gender and co-ed campuses. Each campus is radically different in its scope, and you need to think about which kind of drug rehab outfit is going to work best for the people you love the most.

Mixed Gender
When people are on a mixed gender campus, they are going to feel like they are back in school. There are people moving around the campus at all times, and there are men and women that you can talk to.

In drug rehab, when people have less defined gender roles, they are going to be much more comfortable on a campus with both men and women. Men who get along with women well will feel comfortable, and women who get along well with men will feel more at ease. These kinds of people can make more friends on the campus, and they will feel more comfortable to share their feelings with each other.

These campuses can give way to romantic relationships, and these are often not recommended when people are in drug rehab. However, there are stories of people meeting in rehab and having long healthy relationships. If this seems like a place at which your friends or family would thrive, you need to give it careful consideration.

Single Gender
Single gender drug rehab campuses work in the opposite manner. When you are placing someone who is very good at striking up relationships with the opposite sex, you may want to put them in a single gender facility. This is especially important if you know the person who is going in should not be in a relationship right now.

There are also strong gender roles that help these kinds of drug rehab facilities work well. Women can share all their feelings with other women, and men can share their feelings with other men. When people feel comfortable in these settings, they will have a much easier time recovering.

The Dynamic
You must consider the dynamics of the drug rehab facility before you make a choice for your friends or loved ones. There are some people who may need to be in one campus or another, but you may find that the dynamics are not as you suspected. You need to see how men and women get along with each other. You want to know if the people on the drug rehab campus are respectful to others around them, and you want to know if the people on the campus are comfortable with one another.

On an all-female drug rehab campus, you want to make sure there is a high number of female workers. You do not want only men running a female space. You want your female friends or family members to be safe, and looking at the staff complement is part of that dynamic.

When you are choosing the right place to put someone in drug rehab, you need to remember the items above. Single gender and co-ed campuses have their place, but you need to decide which one is right for your situation.

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