Breaking Bad: 5 real-life aspects of Jesse’s struggle with Meth addiction

Aaron Paul, the actor who portrays Jesse in Breaking Bad, did such a good job playing the role that many people who suffer from drug addiction relate to Jesse’s struggles. The Meth kingpin and addict battling his demons on the road to moral redemption struck a chord with audiences from all ages and backgrounds. Finally, society was able to see some of the real-life struggles of people suffering from the disease of Meth addiction without turning to their stereotypical view of the average Meth addict. Here are 5 of the real-life aspects of Jesse’s struggle with the highly addictive drug Methamphetamine that exhibit what many struggling with Meth addiction experience:

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1. Jesse Sees Himself As Nothing But an Addict

After years of abusing the drug, it is not out of the ordinary for someone who abuses Meth to see themselves as nothing more than an addict. This is a result of the guilt that they feel for relapsing once they begin to live a sober and productive life. Jesse believed that he was only good at cooking and abusing Meth and was down on himself, which ultimately pushed him to continuing Meth addiction when times got hard.

2. Jesse Surrounded Himself With others who also suffer from Meth Addiction

One of the biggest problems that people face in their recovery is deciding whether or not they should make new friends. Generally speaking, Meth users will surround themselves with others who use the drug. While they have similar interests, this can pose a problem when one person in the circle gets clean and is trying to live a life in recovery. Jesse, who was in recovery several times, did not want to alienate his friends and was faced with a decision to live a solitary life or to face several temptations. The choice to socialize often ended in peer pressure and relapse.

3. Jesse’s Parents Lost Hope In Him

It is only natural for parents to try and save their child when they are abusing drugs. While the show does not reveal Jesse’s road to Meth addiction, it does insinuate that his parents have been down a long road with him. They no longer trust him and they no longer have hope in him because of the things that he has done to the family just to get high. At some point, the family loses hope because they cannot control what an addict does. Even when Jesse was in recovery and trying to lead a better life, his family turned its back on him. This led to relapse.

4. Jesse’s Personality Changed When He Was High

Jesse is a sensitive character by nature. He has a fun-loving spirit that loves art, but when his Meth addiction gets him really high his personality changes and he becomes reckless in his decision-making. While everyone who loved the show knew that Jesse was not a villain, it was hard not to be disappointed in Jesse’s decisions when he got high. While he was reckless with his own safety, his intentions were never to hurt others.

5. Jesse Could Not Cope With Loss

Throughout the seasons, it seemed like Jesse was always the one feeling agony as his girlfriend died and you witnessed children being murdered and poisoned. His inability to cope with his pain and psychological issues arising after loss is what often pushed him to relapse.

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Jesse Pinkman was a character that people could relate to whether or not they had struggled with Meth addiction. A sensitive man who was far from perfect but on a quest for moral redemption. The show did more than entertain, it showed people that sympathizing with people who repeat their mistakes is okay. It also showed that the physical side effects of Meth addiction are not a person’s identity, and that anyone can carry heavy burdens that are hard to deal with.

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