Can a Sense Of Connections Aids Recovery?

An addiction rehab center uses a wide range of tools to ensure its patients recover from a drug or alcohol addiction. From the very beginning of treatment, it’s very important for patients to have a support network, and an addiction rehab center will provide appropriate ones.

This social support network is what gives patients a sense of connection. People need to understand what a sense of connection has to do with addiction.

The Beginning Connection

Many people begin drug use as a social experiment. A person could be hanging out with a group of friends one night, and one of the friends decides to pull out a stash of drugs that he or she has sourced. Shortly thereafter, everyone in the group has experimented with the drug.

This exact scenario might play out several more times before one or more of the individuals involved develops an addiction. The problem is the initial setting that involved the drugs gave all of the individuals a sense of connection.

Since they were all doing drugs together, they all were able to experience a strong sense of connection with each other. It’s true that many drug users engage in their drug use alone, but a large percentage of drug users consume drugs with close friends who share the same enjoyment, not necessarily the high, but the camaraderie.

This is especially true in the case of alcoholics. A drinking addiction almost always starts out as a simple, social pastime, and over time, it transforms into something sinister.

The fact that addiction usually begins with a sense of connection, whether it’s to the dealer or to other drug users, means that same sense of connection can aide with recovery.

How Rehab Centers Foster This Connection

A strong sense of connection aids recovery from addiction because it enables the patients to develop meaningful relationships with others. In some cases, this might include animals. When a patient has a connection with someone, they can count on this individual for support.  When a patient has a connection with an animal, they feel companionship.

An addiction rehab center fosters a sense of connection for patients in several ways. It begins when the patient first arrives at the rehab facility. He or she is greeted by the professionals who work at the facility. Later, the patient will meet other individuals who are also trying to achieve sobriety.

Many facilities pair up patients, so that each patient has a roommate; facilitating companionship can further the patients’ sense of connection. Group therapy is another way that addiction rehab centers help patients find this connection.

In addition, many modern addiction rehab centers are using animals to give their patients a strong sense of connection. Some rehab centers use canines while others use horses.

Most addiction rehab centers do a number of things to help patients find a sense of connection that will help them not feel alone, once they are outside of the facility. It’s even more important for patients to feel some sort of connection after they leave an addiction rehab center than when they’re in rehab because the connections they make outside of rehab will continue to influence the choices they make in life. It’s very important that individuals don’t feel isolated after they leave an addiction rehab center because loneliness can drive decisions that lead to relapse.

Since the road to addiction recovery is long and unknown, there will definitely be times when the patient needs someone to connect with. He or she will be able to lean on this support when times get rough. The primary purpose that connections serve is to prevent the patient from relapse, but genuine connections can provide much more than that.

Modern addiction rehab centers are always developing new ways to increase the sense of connection that their patients feel when staying at and after leaving the treatment facility. If you or someone who is close to you needs help, then it’s best to seek help quickly.

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