How Can I Find an Intervention Specialist?

In many cases, an individual with a loved one who’s suffering from an addiction chooses to hold an intervention. The purpose of an intervention is to convince a person that he needs to go to a treatment center for help. An intervention specialist has the skills and training to help people plan and host an intervention. This professional has experience with how to organize an intervention in a way that increases the chances for success. Take a look at some of the ways to find an intervention specialist and the credentials this type of professional should possess.

A Drug or Alcohol Treatment Center

Many people who seek treatment at drug or alcohol treatment centers are there due to an intervention held by family and friends. The professionals and therapists at a local drug or alcohol treatment center can likely give you the names of several interventionists in the area. They may even personally recommend an interventionist whom they’ve worked with over the years. By consulting a drug or alcohol treatment center, you’re getting the name of an interventionist from informed individuals.

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A Social Services Agency

Another way to find an interventionist is to contact a case worker at a local social services agency. You can find the phone number of a social service agency either online or in a phone book. Case workers deal with numerous individuals who have drug and alcohol issues. A case worker is likely to know of a few intervention specialists to contact in the area. Plus, the case worker can give you pertinent information about the interventionist and may offer advice as to what types of questions to ask.

A Psychologist or Counselor

A psychologist or counselor working in the area may be able to recommend intervention specialists. Psychologists and counselors work with people who have a variety of addiction issues and are likely to have access to resources they can share with you. In addition, getting in contact with a counselor or psychologist may also assist you in finding other resources that prove helpful to you.

The Credentials of an Intervention Specialist

The work of an interventionist is very challenging. Not surprisingly, these professionals have to earn certain credentials in order to conduct this sensitive work. Look for an individual with a degree in counseling. The person must also have a license to provide counseling services. Additionally, it’s best to find someone with at least two years of experience in the field of addiction counseling. Check to see if the person is a board certified interventionist. The Association of Intervention Specialists is one organization that certifies these types of professionals. A qualified interventionist will be willing to share his background and training with you. The individual may even give you the names of some people you can call for a personal reference.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

If you have a loved one who needs an intervention for an addiction, it’s critical that you move forward with the process right away. One quick action you can take is to call the hotline at 800-447-9081. There are interventionists and other qualified professionals who can help you get your loved one into treatment for addiction.

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