How Can I Find a Medical Mutual Provider for Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Having a dual diagnosis can make recovering from addiction more difficult. You need an integrated treatment program that’ll help with both the substance abuse problem and other psychological issues. It’s important to go through a provider who offers this type of recovery service. Read on to learn how to find a Medical Mutual provider for dual diagnosis treatment.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Start by contacting your insurance company to find the right Medical Mutual provider for your treatment. Your insurance company representative can look through the provider network to find one who meets all of the requirements for your recovery from addiction. There are even provider directories you can sort through yourself, although these don’t always make it clear whether providers offer dual diagnosis treatment. Your insurance company is the best place to start.

Call an Addiction Hotline

A second option is to call an addiction hotline for help. This is a number you can call to talk to addiction specialists. The specialists on these lines can sometimes go through different treatment centers to see if they’re Medical Mutual providers. It might even be possible to find a qualified out-of-network provider through the line. Talking to an addiction specialist over the phone is a good option if you cannot seem to find answers through your insurance company.

Be Honest About Your Dual Diagnosis

It’s important to be honest about your dual diagnosis when looking for a provider, or when talking to Medical Mutual providers about the treatment you need. You don’t want to minimize your diagnosis. Avoid saying that you have depression when you actually have bipolar disorder. Don’t exclude information about your diagnosis or your addiction. This will ensure that you find a provider offering the exact type of treatment required to address both your addiction and your other underlying psychological conditions. Be as honest as possible while searching.

Decide Between Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment

You’ll need to decide between inpatient and outpatient treatment while you’re looking for a provider. Some Medical Mutual providers offer only outpatient treatment options. Outpatient treatment can be a good choice if you need to continue working while in recovery, or if you cannot be away from home for very long. Inpatient treatment for a dual diagnosis is preferable because you’ll be immersed in a therapeutic and supportive environment where you can receive counseling whenever it’s needed.

Find a Center Offering Medical Detox and Aftercare

You specifically want to look for a provider who’ll allow you to take advantage of medical detox and aftercare. Medical detox is important because professionals will help to mitigate any serious withdrawal symptoms you encounter after stopping the drug or alcohol abuse. Aftercare is also important because it allows you to receive support even after the primary treatment program ends. Be certain to ask about these services before choosing a provider for dual diagnosis treatment.

It’s important to find a Medical Mutual provider today to address your dual diagnosis. Don’t delay getting into treatment. Professionals can give you the support you need to start living a clean, sober and healthy lifestyle. Call the hotline at 800-447-9081 to speak to an addiction specialist who can help you find a provider or treatment center.

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