Can Knowing These Names Help My Teen Avoid Heroin Usage?

What Are Some Other Names for Heroin? Guarding your teenager from the dangers of drugs is a primary concern. One of the best ways to do this is to keep an open line of communication with your kids and provide them with all the information they need to protect themselves. As a parent, you have a significant role in influencing your children in their attitude towards drugs. Research shows that a teenager who learns about the dangers and risks of heroin from their parents is 50 percent less likely to try it and become addicted.

Your kids could be handed a pill at a party and told that it is just “junk”. Those who abuse heroin and try to give it to other people never use the word heroin. Your kids will have only heard heroin being used by the police or on the news. As a result, when their friend offers them something called mud, junk or Mexican horse, they can easily think it isn’t as serious as the names they hear on TV and give in to the pressure to try it.

Knowing the basic facts about heroin, what it looks like and the most common names used for it will help your teenager have the confidence to deal with the situation and say no.

Basic Facts About Heroin

1. Pure heroin is a white powder, but it is most often diluted and can become gray, brown or black.

2. The buyer is never certain of the actual strength of heroin and is always at risk of an overdose.

3. Heroin can be smoked, injected or sniffed.

4. Heroin is highly addictive and withdrawals symptoms are extremely painful.

5. Heroin attacks the immune system leaving the person sickly and bony.

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To be in on the language your teenager is using, you need to keep communications open and be ready to talk about anything. If they have to hear it, they should have a way of getting it out of their system and talk about it with you. Below are lists of the different ways that heroin is known.

Common Names for Heroin

• Boy, black, black tar, black pearl, black eagle, black stuff,
• White, white stuff, white horse, white girl, white boy, which hazel
• Brown, brown sugar, brown rhine, brown tape, birdie powder,
• China white, Chiva or chiba, dope, dragon, big H, hero, horse
• Junk, mud, Mexican horse, Mexican brown, Mexican mud, Hell dust
• Number 3, number 4, number 8, nose drops, skag, skunk, snow, tar, thunder

Heroin Mixed with Another Drug

Crack and Heroin — Chocolate rock, moon rock, dragon rock

Ecstasy and Heroin — chocolate chip cookies, H bomb

Alprazolam and Heroin — Bars

Cold Medicine and Heroin — Cheese

Marijuana and Heroin — Woola, woolie, woo-woo, canade, atom bomb

Ritalin and Heroin — Pineapple

Cocaine and Heroin — Boy-girl, belushi, dynamite, goofball, H&C, P, primo, snowball

LSD and Heroin — Beast, LBJ

Spanish Names for Heroin

• Bombita
• Chicle,
• Caballo,
• Carne
• Carga
• Gato
• La Buena
• Tigre
• Vdrio
• Zoquete

Slang Terms and Phrases

• Daytime (being high)
• Evening (coming off high)
• Channel swimmer
• Jolly pop
• Give wings
• Paper boy
• Do up
• Dip and dab
• Firing the ack ack gun

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

If you want to be sure you are doing all you can to protect your kids from drugs, call our helpline number 800-447-9081. As a parent, it is good to do some research and stay up-to-date on all teenage happenings so your kids recognize that you know what you are talking about, and that you are not oblivious. Talking with other moms and dads is another good way to stay in touch with the world in which your teenager lives.

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