How Can I Leave Home For Rehab?

Can Someone Maintain Job Responsibilities While At Rehab?

Rehabilitation is among the most common and effective options for treating an addiction to drugs or alcohol. These addictions generally can affect a person’s mental judgment and emotional state. The individual’s body may experience real, unpleasant and even dangerous side effects during the detoxification process. In addition, there may be a strong desire by that person to return to consuming drugs or alcohol. Rehabilitation provides the medical attention and emotional support that an individual needs during detoxification. In addition, it also provides the support and resources needed after detoxification to help the person make better decisions going forward. Clearly, there are many benefits associated with treatment in a rehab center, but you may be wondering how spending time away from your home and your job will impact your life.

Getting the Support You Need at Home

Many individuals have specific responsibilities that they must tend to at home. For example, you may need to care for your children or pets. Perhaps you are worried about who will pay your bills or take care of your landscaping while you are away. After all, many rehab programs are several weeks in length, and you may feel as though you simply cannot walk away from the responsibilities you have. The fact is that most people have one or several people at minimum who will be willing to step up and provide you with the support you need while you are in rehab. A parent or spouse may provide in-home care for the kids. A friend can be relied upon to care for your pets. These may be people who are concerned about you and who are equality motivated to help you get clean. You may simply need to explain your situation to a few individuals, and they may jump at the chance to help you out.

What May Happen to Your Job While You Are At Rehab

If you are a full-time employee and you have been at your place of employment for a decent period of time, you may qualify for a medical leave of absence, or you may have substantial vacation hours and sick time available to use. With vacation hours and sick time, you may continue to receive a paycheck while you are in rehab, and this can minimize the negative impact associated with taking time off work. Even when you do not have paid vacation or sick time available, you may still qualify for an unpaid medical leave of absence. You can speak with your company’s human resources department to learn more about the options that you may qualify for. Keep in mind that you may not be required to state the reason why you need time off, and you may simply state that you are seeking treatment for a condition that requires you to take time off of work.

With Support at Home and at Work

Those who experience the greatest levels of success with rehabilitation are those who have support available at home and at work. Many who are close to you may be aware of your drinking problem, and they may be excited and eager to help you through the recovery process. Those who are not aware of your problem may also be ready to help you if you simply ask. When you request assistance with your responsibilities, be sure to select the right person for the job. For example, you may consider asking a stay-at-home neighbor to watch your kids after school for a few weeks until your spouse gets home from work. Perhaps you may ask a retired parent to stay in the home to complete your normal responsibilities while you are away. While others may have their own responsibilities, the fact is that many will be happy to help if you ask.

Leaving behind the cares of your daily life and entering a rehab program may be the best thing for you in the long run. Call us today to learn more about the programs available, and we can help you to find the support you need while you are in rehab.

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