What Can Make Overeating Worse?

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What Can Make Overeating Worse?

Everyone will overeat on occasion. You can overeat when you take an extra helping of your favorite dinner or you can overeat when you are already full from your meal but take a helping of your favorite dessert, but for binge eaters, overeating is a common occurrence. If you are suffering from a binge eating disorder, there are professionals willing to assist you overcome your disorder. Different stimuli in your life can make overeating worse. Listed below are just a few of many stimuli that can trigger binge eating.

Stressful Times In Your Life

Stressful times in your life can be a trigger to binge eating. Whether you are coming up on a work deadline that you are not ready for, or you are having a hard time paying the bills and living paycheck to paycheck, any type of stressor such as these can trigger a binge eating attack. Instances that you have a hard time dealing with can leave you looking for your favorite candy bar or ice cream to binge on.

Being In Emotional Turmoil

Being in emotional turmoil can make overeating worse. Emotional turmoil can vary from individual to individual, and can be the result of having your feelings hurt, being angry, or even being at home alone and feeling lonely. No matter what the cause of emotional turmoil is, it can be a trigger to binge eating.

Being Hungry

Sometimes dieters can binge eat because they are hungry. A diet that does not allow you to eat properly and fulfill your hunger needs is not a healthy diet. Diets such as these tend to leave individuals binge eating later in the day to make up for their skipped meals throughout the day. It is much healthier to eat proportionate meals at meal time than to binge eat later in the day because of hunger stemming from skipping meals and cutting corners.

Toxic Situations That Leave You Feeling Helpless

Many times overeating can become worse when you are associated with toxic situations. Eating gives you a sense of control, and if you are in toxic situations that you have no sense of control in, overeating can become worse due to the craving of being in control.


Overeating can be an embarrassing situation for individuals facing it and that embarrassment can lead to more overeating. It can become a vicious cycle of eating to feel in control and happy for the time being, then embarrassment of overeating can then lead to more overeating.


Boredom can lead to overeating in many cases. Eating often gives you a sense of comfort, and gives you something to do. The more spare time you have, the more time there is to eat. Eating out of boredom can lead to mindless eating which quickly turns into binge eating.

Overeating is not a problem that you have to face alone. There are friendly professionals available to help you overcome your overeating disorder. If you are suffering from overeating, seeking help is the first step toward a full recovery and the path toward living a healthy lifestyle once again.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

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