How can parents approach their teen about Adderall addiction?

Teenagers in high school face a level of stress and pressure that was unknown to their parents just a few decades ago. As a result of this, many teenagers turn to Adderall and other ADHD medications as a way of maintaining focus and reaching high levels of achievement while in school; however usage of un-prescribed doses leads to harmful addictions.

To clarify, teenagers who are dealing with ADHD and who take Adderall under the supervision of a medical professional see an improved quality of life. These teenagers go from being teenagers who are labeled as problem children and who were plagued with impulsive behavior, to becoming teenagers who can pay attention and excel in school. Teenagers with ADHD have a reduced risk for car accidents and a reduced risk of drug and alcohol abuse if they take the appropriate treatments while they are young. However, the problem lies in those who are taking these ADHD medicines not prescribed for medicinal purposes, but rather recreationally. ADHD medicines, such as Adderall, when not used in a prescribed dosage can lead to Adderall addiction.

What can parents do if they suspect that their children are abusing ADHD drugs? The very first step in the rehabilitation process is acknowledging that there is a problem. This is probably the hardest step. Parents must have the valor necessary to approach their teenager and tell him or her that they have seen behavior that makes them worry that he or she might be addicted to drugs, particularly Adderall. An open and honest conversation must be had with your child about his or her Adderall addiction. It is likely that at the onset, the teenager is going to deny any drug use. However, over time and after ample evidence is presented, the teenager will accept the fact that they are abusing prescription drugs and that the truth is out.

Once it has been established that the teenager is abusing drugs or have a problem with Adderall addiction, then parents can move to the next step: letting their child know that their behavior is destructive, and that the Adderall addiction must be put to an end immediately. This part of the conversation is often referred to as an intervention. For many parents, the idea of having this type of intervention with their child is terrifying to even think about. They may worry that if they go about it the wrong way, they will actually force their child deeper into Adderall addiction. Other parents don’t feel the confidence to have a confrontation. Whatever the fear, stepping in is necessary for the health of your child.

Some parents have seen the benefit of contacting a trained professional to help them prepare for the intervention and discussion of their child’s Adderall addiction. Intervention professionals can help prepare parents for any objections that they might receive from their teenager and help them to ask questions that will get to the heart of the problem without leading to an all out confrontation with their teenager.

Prior to talking to a teen about suspected his or her Adderall addiction, parents must first mentally prepare for the conversation. Parents should have an idea about how Adderall might be affecting their teenager. If parents do not want to have this conversation alone with their teenager, they should select close friends and family members who will be with them when they speak to their teen during the intervention. Prior to speaking to the teen, parents must have already decided on a set treatment program for their teenager. At this point, it should not be an option of whether or not the teenager will seek treatment, but fact. Parents should have set expectations from their teenager, and they should rehearse in their mind how they are going to transmit this information to the teenager in a clear and loving, but firm manner.

A discussion about Adderall addiction is not something that should be left to chance. A date and time should be set for this discussion. If parents are nervous about what they are going to say, they may want to put some thoughts down in writing that can be read aloud when talking to their child.

Dealing with a child who is battling drug or Adderall addiction is a heart wrenching thing. Parents may feel overwhelmed when it comes to breaching the subject. However, we strongly recommend and invite parents to seek professional assistance. Let us work with you to help your child successfully walk the path to recovery.

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