Can Someone with Binge Eating Disorder Lose Weight?

As many health and fitness experts know, Binge eating disorder is a very problematic condition that can negatively impact the affected life. Although broadly defined, a Binge eating disorder is basically a disorder in which an individual regularly consumes large volumes of food in a short period of time. Binge eating can result from a plethora of reality, including the development of an unhealthy relationship with food as a result of constant dieting, fear of gaining weight, or participation in social circles where disordered eating behaviors are acceptable and/or encouraged. While there are many questions regarding binge eating, one of the most intriguing questions seems to be “Can someone with a Binge eating disorder ever lose weight?” Below you will find a brief discussion regarding this important topic.

Can Binge Eaters Lose Weight?

One of the reasons that people begin habits of a Binge eating disorder is because they want to rapidly lose weight. In these types of situations, the binge eater rationalizes that by eating a large amount of food in a short period of time and then fasting for several hours or days, the caloric deficit they have created will enable them to lose weight. However, there are a variety of factors that can preclude binge eaters from accomplishing this goal. Firstly, consuming large amounts of food in a very brief period of time can be very taxing on the digestive system given that the body becomes responsible for breaking down the excessive amount of food matter and converting it all into usable energy at a rate that is reasonable for a small amount of food.

Yet another reality to consider if binge eating for weight loss is that if a binge eater does opt to eat large amounts of food in one sitting and subsequently fasts for a substantive period of time, this activity could slow down the metabolism. When the metabolism rate slows down, the individual’s ability to convert food into energy and perform other bodily functions will be impaired, thereby impeding the weight loss process.

Losing Weight The Right Way

Binge eating is an unhealthy trend that makes it difficult to lose weight because food is consumed in large amounts. There is a plethora of other healthy strategies that can help one shed excess weight, but first, binge eaters must acknowledge that their behavior does not facilitate weight loss and is actually quite destructive to their health. In many cases, it may be advantageous for someone with a Binge eating disorder to consult with a professional clinician or nutritionist to gain a basic understanding of why their eating patterns are unhealthy and disordered. Once the Binge eating disorder is addressed, the binge eater learns how his/her unhealthy behavior can impair the functioning of the body’s major organs as well as at the cellular level; he/she will be less likely to continue engaging in life-limiting activities.

In addition to attaining professional counseling services that provide information regarding the dangers a Binge eating disorder, individuals who have adopted this harmful way of eating should educate themselves regarding how to implement a healthier, life-sustaining mode of food consumption. Implementing this behavioral shift will likely necessitate aid of professional dietitians as well as friends and family members. Yet once the individual identifies healthy, delicious food options and begins eating reasonable portion sizes in one sitting, he/she will be on the path to life-long healthy eating habits. Additionally, studies have indicated that eating reasonable portion sizes every few hours can boost an individual’s metabolism, thereby increasing the likelihood of excess weight loss, and less strain on the digestive system.


Although dealing with a Binge eating disorder can be challenging, viable solutions are available. By reading the advice found above, individuals who are currently grappling with Binge eating disorders can make this unhealthy behavior pattern a thing of the past. If you are currently struggling with a Binge eating disorder, pick up the phone today and call a medical professional so you can receive the detailed attention you deserve.

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