Celebrity Addictions: Crystal Meth Pictures Before and After

Meth addiction has become a pandemic in the United States. A significant percentage of people who were admitted to emergency rooms in the past year were there because of ill-effects from meth use. Crystal meth is quickly becoming one of the most widespread and serious health issues in the country.

A Health Risk of Epidemic Proportions

Why has meth use become so widespread in the past decade? There are several reasons why this is so. Meth is composed of ingredients that are relatively easy to obtain. Once the ingredients are purchased, the drug itself is assembled very quickly. Because it’s so cheaply made, it’s easy to distribute for a reasonable price. Thus, meth is one of the most widely available drugs on the market, with a seemingly endless supply.

Meth Pictures Before and After

One of the best ways to educate others about the epidemic of meth that’s sweeping through this country is to show them the many photo galleries on the Internet that are labeled “Meth Pictures Before and After” or “Faces of Meth.” There are many of these galleries on the web, and they all show the results of prolonged meth abuse.

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Celebrity Meth Abuse

One of the worst features of the current meth epidemic is that even celebrities haven’t been immune from its effects. In fact, one of the features of many “Meth Pictures Before and After” websites is photographs of celebrities who’ve fallen prey to this evil drug.

Celebrities may have lost their way due to drug addiction in the past, but none so spectacularly as those who’ve gotten themselves addicted to meth. For example, the actress Lindsay Lohan has all but forfeited her career, thanks to her addiction. She’s one of the celebrities most prominently featured in these “Meth Pictures Before and After” websites. The deterioration in her looks is, unfortunately, unmistakably due to meth abuse.

Understanding the Ravages of Drug Addiction

Meth addiction always brings changes for the worse. The “Before and After” pictures available on the Internet are ample proof of this. One of the effects of meth abuse is the onset of insomnia (inability to sleep). Staying awake for too many hours at a time can have negative effects on one’s health and sanity.

Even short-term meth abuse causes noticeable changes. People who use this drug can become irritable, paranoid or even violent. Mood swings and withdrawal from family and friends is an early sign of addiction. Those who’ve been using for a longer period of time may begin to suffer fits or seizures.

There Is Always Hope for Meth Addiction Recovery

One of the worst things that meth addiction can do is to seemingly take away all hope for a full and complete recovery. If you’re struggling with an addiction to this dangerous drug, the one thing you should know is that this simply isn’t the case. There’s always hope for you, even if you’ve been an addict for a very long time.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

The only thing standing between you and a complete recovery from meth addiction is you. If you want to escape the cycle of drug addiction and reclaim your health, happiness and independence, you can do it. Please call the crystal meth addiction recovery hotline at 800-447-9081 today.

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