Cocaine Addiction Signs and Symptoms

One of the most popular illicit drugs on the market today is cocaine. There are two reasons for the growing popularity of cocaine, it is cheap and it provides an instant change in a person’s state. For less than a hundred dollars, you can snort a few lines of cocaine and immediately change the way you feel. Whether you are upset or feeling down, cocaine will work to take your mind to a more relaxing and exciting place. This false sense of reality is part of the reason many users become addicted to the drug, often not even realizing until it’s too late that cocaine addiction has taken over and destroyed their lives.

The typical way to use cocaine is by snorting up the nose, while some will turn it into liquid form and inject it directly to a vein to get the effects faster. This highly addictive drug gives the user an incredible rush of euphoria soon after taking the cocaine, and that is the rush that the user is constantly chasing once they become addicted. The problem for cocaine users is that the feeling gets harder to achieve as you get more accustomed to using it, so you need to buy more to get the same high you experienced with less cocaine a few days ago. This vicious cycle it what turns a user to an addict, and with is several signs and symptoms that the cocaine has a dangerous hold it is not going to relinquish without a fight.

Cocaine is Addictive

One of the reasons the public is so misinformed about cocaine use is because they believe that since there is no physical addictive properties to this drug, they have no risk of getting addicted. Many other drugs have physical withdrawal signs that attack your nervous system when you try to quit. Cocaine is different in that you become mentally addicted to the high, and will do just about anything to experience the high over and over again. Casual cocaine use often leads to addiction, causing a person to run through their money in an effort to experience the high again.

Whether you are a cocaine user, or suspect a family member has been using the drug, the first thing to look for is a strong desire to get that cocaine no matter the cost. When you or a family member begins to go to extreme lengths to be able to experience that high, you have a cocaine addiction. Other telltale signs of cocaine addiction are when the drug slowly begins to affect normal activities at work or home. Problems with other family members, with coworkers, or with superiors at work, can all be a clear indication the drug has taken over and begun clouding the mind.


A casual cocaine user will enjoy a line of the drug occasionally when in that party atmosphere. One symptom the person has become an addict, they need more of the drug to get the same feelings they experienced using less cocaine only a short time ago. As the senses become dulled, it takes more cocaine to reach that euphoric state you are chasing. The addiction causes the user to need significant amounts of cocaine to get high, often leading to a total consumption of the mind focused on getting that next fix.

Frequency of Use

Another sign that there is an addiction issue, the user will need to take the cocaine more frequently to get through the day. The effects of the drug will wear off much faster as the addict gets deeper into the drug use, so they need to get more cocaine in the body more frequently to try and maintain the dulling effects. This vicious cycle can lead to irritability with those in close contact as the addict wants only to experience the rush of the drug and not deal with anything that may be going on around them.

If you or a family member are exhibiting signs of cocaine addiction, call a rehab center immediately for help.

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