Cocaine Street Names

Users of cocaine get high using three methods. These methods include powder, smokeable cocaine, and injectable cocaine. Cocaine users experience both long and short term side effects. Short term side effects include intense depression, hostility, heart attack, stroke, seizure, or sudden respiratory failure. In addition, someone using cocaine may experience a loss of appetite, dilated pupils, euphoria, and intense psychosis. Long term side effects of cocaine use consist of permanent damage to the blood vessels of the heart and brain, high blood pressure, liver damage, kidney damage, lung damage, deviated septum, infectious diseases, malnutrition, tooth decay, sexual problems, irritability, severe depression, and addiction. It is important to know this information when dealing with someone who is possibly using cocaine. It is also important to know cocaine street names so that one can associate them with a problem and get the right treatment.

Powder Cocaine

Cocaine powder is a fine, white powder that is bitter to taste. It is inhaled through the nose and can cause many health problems. Typically, it is inhaled using a straw or rolled up dollar bill.

In this form, cocaine has an extensive list of street names that include:

  • badrock
  • bazooka,
  • beam
  • Big C
  • blow
  • blizzard
  • blunt
  • bouncing powder
  • c
  • cabello
  • caine
  • candy
  • caviar
  • Charlie
  • chicken scratch
  • coca
  • cocaine blues
  • cocktail
  • coconut
  • coke
  • cola
  • Colombian
  • cooking up
  • do a line
  • dama blanca
  • dust
  • flake
  • flex
  • freeze
  • g-rock
  • goofball
  • happy dust
  • happy powder
  • happy trails
  • heaven
  • king
  • lady
  • lady caine
  • late night
  • line
  • mama cocoa
  • marching dust
  • monster
  • mujer
  • nieve
  • nose
  • nose candy
  • p-dogs
  • pimp
  • powder
  • press
  • prime time
  • shot
  • sleigh ride
  • smoking gun
  • sniff
  • snort
  • soda
  • speedball
  • sporting
  • stardust
  • sugar
  • sweet stuff
  • toke
  • toot
  • trails
  • white horse
  • white lady
  • white powder
  • working bags
  • yeyo

Smokeable Cocaine

Smokeable cocaine is commonly known as crack. It comes in the form of small rocks, and to many drug users, smoking the powder form is seen as wasteful. This form of cocaine also has a long list of street names that includes:


  • base
  • ball
  • beat
  • biscuits
  • bones
  • boost
  • boulders
  • brick
  • bump
  • bunk
  • cakes
  • casper
  • chalk
  • cookies
  • crack
  • crumbs
  • cubes
  • devil drug
  • fatbags
  • flame cooking
  • flamethrowers
  • freebase
  • gravel
  • hardball
  • hell
  • kibbles n’ bits
  • kryptonite
  • love
  • moonrocks
  • nuggets
  • onion
  • pebbles
  • piedras
  • ready rock
  • roca
  • rocks
  • rock star
  • Roxanne
  • Scotty
  • Scrabble
  • smoke houses
  • stones
  • teeth
  • tornado

Injectable Cocaine

Cocaine being injected is far more common than most people realize. Injecting cocaine can cause burns in the veins, abscesses under the skin, and sexually transmitted diseases from sharing needles. Injectable cocaine has fewer street names, but this list includes names such as: blast, boy, everclear, flash, shootin’ caine, snow, and zip.

With any drug, it is important to know how the drug is used. In the case of cocaine, there are three different ways to get high. These three methods are cocaine powder, smokeable cocaine, and injectable cocaine. For each of these methods there are many slang expressions or street names to confuse non-users. If one is looking to recognize a drug addiction problem, it is very important to know these cocaine street names.


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