Common Nicknames for Alcohol Used Among Adolescents

When people think of drug abuse among teenagers, they often assume this activity is restricted to substances like cocaine, marijuana and prescription drugs. However, many teens simply lack the funds and access to street drugs, leading them to abuse alcohol instead. In fact, many parents fail to understand the dangerous nature of teen alcohol abuse. Those who do want to help their teens avoid alcohol use and lead sober lives can start by calling the helpline at 800-447-9081. Concerned parents can also learn about nicknames for alcohol that many teens use today.

Nicknames for Beer

Teen nicknames for alcohol vary with the type of beverage being consumed. When it comes to beer, they may reference generic terms they’ve heard their parents use, including brew, cold one or simply booze. Beer consumption among teenagers remains a serious concern for parents and law enforcement alike. Teens who drink too much beer at any given time cannot only become intoxicated, they can also damage their livers and kidneys.

Nicknames for Wine

Some teens have a penchant for wine because beer has a rather strong and initially unpleasant taste young drinkers fail to appreciate. In fact, wines often have fruity, light flavors that appeal to younger palates. Some of the more popular names teens use when referring to wine include juice, vino, refreshment and sauce. As with beer consumption, wine consumption can also lead to liver, heart and kidney failure when consumed in excess.

Nicknames for Hard Liquor

A growing number of teens are brave enough to take on hard liquors that even some adults avoid. Grain alcohol, rum, whiskey, vodka and other harder varieties are now commonly abused by young drinkers, leading them to refer to these drinks by names like hooch, snort, jack, jiggle juice, giggle juice, shine, kool aid or gargle, among others. Teens who prefer hard alcohol over milder choices like beer, wine coolers or wine often fail to recognize some of the dangers that go along with consuming these beverages. It is, in fact, quite easy for a teenager to choke and suffocate while drinking harder varieties because of the burning sensation that follows swallowing these drinks, particularly grain alcohol.

Parents who imbibe in a few drinks each weekend should still make an effort to learn nicknames for alcohol that teens use on a regular basis. When calling a hotline at a drug or alcohol abuse center, parents can learn the steps to take to find out from where their kids are getting alcohol and how often they consume it. If necessary, parents can also ask about which facilities in the area specialize in treating teen drinkers. Alcoholism in teenagers should be treated with the same care and attention as drug addiction and usage in young people. Alcohol abuse can adversely affect a young person’s health and future without the appropriate help.

Just as they nickname their drugs of choice, teens also commonly refer to alcohol by an assortment of slang terms and nicknames. Parents and adults can benefit by learning some of the more common names attached to beer, wine and harder beverages.

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