What Are Common Street Names for Crack? How Addictive Is It?

Of all drugs, none makes a person become addicted faster and takes one down harder than crack. Once addicted, most end up giving everything they have for their next hit. Crack is also called crack cocaine because it’s essentially the same as cocaine. Crack is just a different level of refinement, and is made into a solid form and therefore easy to smoke. It gets its name of “crack” because of the crackling sound it makes when smoked.

As a parent, it’s important to know the street names for crack so you can understand the slang terms and know right away if your teen is talking about drugs. If you suspect your teen may be experimenting, you can also call our helpline number at 800-447-9081 and have your questions answered so you don’t have to live in doubt.

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Common street names for crack are as follows:

• 24-7
• Apple jacks
• Beat, bedrock, base, beat, blast, ball
• California cornflakes, chemical, crunch & munch, cookies, candy, crumbs, cloud
• Dream, devil drug, dice
• Electric cool-aid
• Foo-foo dust, French fries, fat bags
• Girlfriend, gin, gift-of-the-sun, glo, grit, gravel, hard
• Hunter, hail, hardball, hell, hotcakes
• Ice cube, iron
• Jelly beans
• King’s habit, kryptonite
• Moon rocks
• Nuggets, nose
• Primetime, paste, prime time, product, piece
• Rock, raw, rock star, Rox, Roxanne
• Scrabble, stones, sleet, sugar block, snow coke
• Tornado, troop, topo
• White powder, work

Why Crack Is So Addictive

Smoking crack gives an instant high because the drug can reach the brain much faster through the lungs. However, the intense feeling of pleasure is short and leaves users feeling depressed and low. They typically want another hit, but it takes time for the brain to replenish dopamine levels, so they have to take a bigger dose each time to get the same high. In extreme cases, a person might continuously inhale hits for several days at a time without sleep to try to get and keep the initial feeling of euphoria.

Because crack doesn’t have any physical withdrawal symptoms, users will trick themselves into believing they aren’t addicted. However, addiction is in the brain. Continuing to use a substance in spite of the negative consequences on one’s life and the fact that the individual can’t control how much is used are the two main criteria that define addiction. This is exactly what happens to a person who tries crack.

Crack and the Heart

Crack makes the heart beat faster, and causes muscle spasms and convulsions. The blood vessels constrict leading to high blood pressure, which can cause a stroke, a seizure or a heart attack. Breathing trouble is also common. The dangerous aspect with crack is that a user can never know how much is too much. It can take as little as one hit to leave a person addicted or cause a heart attack. At the same time, a person can use it for years and then suddenly drop dead on the next hit.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

Because cocaine is very expensive, it’s often called a “rich man’s drug.” On the other hand, crack is sold very cheaply and is affordable for even teenagers; however, the price goes up as more and more of the drug is needed to support the craving and achieve the same high. As a parent, keep in mind that street names for crack are changing all of the time. Try to stay in touch with the lingo and habits of your teenager. This will give you the best chance of spotting crack abuse and saving your teen’s life.

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