Common Substance Abuse drugs

What substances are abused most commonly?

There are some substances that seem to be more readily available than others. They are easy to come by and usually don’t cost a lot of money to get. The easier it is to get a hand on these drugs, the easier it is for a person to fall prey to substance abuse.

Marijuana substance abuse is one of the most common amongst both adults and teenagers. There have been several states that have regulated the use of the oils from Marijuana for medical use and there have been a few states that have legalized the drug for recreational use. It is a drug that is not expensive. You can get various amounts of Marijuana depending on how much money you want to spend. Marijuana is consumed by smoking it through a pipe or by rolling a small amount in a piece of paper. There is not a high likelihood of death from smoking the drug, but some of the more dangerous risks include heart disease and respiratory problems. The drug, although mild, will increase the heart rate and blood pressure.

While this drug is legal, alcohol substance abuse is one of the most common for adults. Some teenagers drink at parties to forget the stresses of school or home, but it is something that more adults use to leave the pressures of life behind for the moment. Alcohol comes in various forms from beer to hard liquor. There are several consequences associated with drinking, many of which could result in death. It is illegal to drink and drive, but there are some who insist on getting behind the wheel of a car; consequences are possibly hitting someone else and committing involuntary manslaughter while intoxicated. Alcohol substance abuse can cause liver diseases that can lead to pancreatitis or damage of the brain. Some people who drink do so to the point that they get sick from the amount of alcohol consumed at one time. Fetal alcohol syndrome is a condition where the unborn baby suffers because the mother drinks while pregnant; motor skills in the child are decreased and mental retardation is also a possibility when the expectant mother has a problem with substance abuse.

Cocaine is a powder that is usually snorted through the nose and is another common drug of substance abuse. It is very addictive; Cocaine is a stimulant that causes a rapid increase in the heart rate and blood pressure. Those who use the drug often get a feeling of a rush of energy. They think that they can do anything at the time, but the rush quickly goes away and the person will start to feel very tired or depressed. This is how the addiction starts. As the lows start to last longer than the highs, it takes more Cocaine to evoke that good feeling that the person craves. Crack is a modified form of the drug that is smoked. People who have never used the drug can take one hit and die because of the intense nature of the drug. One hit can also kill someone who has been doing cocaine for years. It eats away at the lining of the nasal passage and destroys the brain. Blood vessels are tightened, leading to cardiovascular issues that eventually result in death.

If you or someone you know have any issues with substance abuse of common drugs, consider talking to someone about methods to get away from the drugs so that you can live a healthy life.


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