What Are Concerta Withdrawal Symptoms Like? How Addictive Is This Medication?

Concerta is a prescription stimulant that can be abused. It’s addictive and dangerous when not taken as prescribed, and can cause serious withdrawal symptoms even after just a few weeks of regular use. You should know what Concerta withdrawal symptoms are like and how addictive this medication is.

The Addictiveness of Concerta

Concerta is just as addictive as most other stimulants. It’s not as addictive as some opioid painkillers, although it’s still a habit-forming drug. Your body can become highly dependent on Concerta if you’re taking it every day for a long time. If you’re abusing Concerta and taking high doses, then you can become addicted to the stimulant very quickly. The drug can be addictive even when taken as prescribed.

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One of the main Concerta withdrawal symptoms is depression. This is because the stimulant was maintaining a different chemistry in your brain. The absence of the stimulant means you will begin producing an imbalanced mix of hormones, which can lead to depression that might not be based on anything happening around you. The depression can become intense and might last for a week or longer. It’s easiest to deal with depression while in medical detox where you can receive counseling and therapy.

Extreme Fatigue

Your body can become reliant on the stimulant to generate energy while you’re abusing the substance and experience extreme fatigue once you stop using Concerta. Fatigue means you will feel tired, lethargic and slow. You might not have the strength to do normal things. Concerta withdrawal can lead you to sleep for long periods during the day. The fatigue can be particularly debilitating if it’s combined with depression caused by the withdrawal.

Shifting Moods and Clouded Thinking

Concerta withdrawal can have emotional and psychological effects on your body, one of which is clouded thinking. You may start to have some trouble putting together complete thoughts. You could easily forget things that just happened. Additionally, you could become distracted easily and unable to hold long conversations. Another common effect is shifting moods, where you might go from happy to sad to irritable and angry all within a few hours.

Sleeplessness and Nightmares

Concerta withdrawal can actually cause sleeplessness and nightmares while you’re in detox. These symptoms sometimes occur even if you’re feeling fatigued. You might not be able to sleep through the night, or sleep only for an hour or two at a time before going through another sleepless period. If you do sleep, the chemical changes occurring in your brain can lead to nightmares or very vivid dreams.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i

Abnormal Heartbeat

The chaos in your body caused by withdrawal frequently leads to an abnormal heartbeat. Your heart might not be keeping a regular rhythm and you could have a racing heartbeat for hours. This is a potentially dangerous symptom of withdrawal that needs to be monitored by doctors and nurses during medical detox. An abnormal heartbeat could lead to complications or a heart attack.

Concerta addiction is something that shouldn’t be ignored, whether in your life or that of someone you know. You need to get help if you’ve become addicted to Concerta and go through medical detox at a residential treatment center where you can recover. Call the hotline at 800-447-9081 to find the help you need to overcome Concerta addiction.

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