What are the dangers of party drugs?

Young people tend to abuse illegal drugs at parties. There is an array of harmful physical and mental side effects that come with using recreational substances.

Date Rape

Teenage girls and young women who attend parties are at high risk of consuming drinks and cocktails that contain recreational drugs. Guys might drop a pill or two of party drugs directly into open cups that are held by girls. Most party drugs quickly dissolve in any liquids including water, alcohol and juice. Unsuspecting girls might drink the cups that are loaded with potent substances such as Rohypnol, GHB and Ketamine. Each drug induces sleepiness and relaxation, symptoms that essentially make girls vulnerable to rape and other abuse.

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Unfortunately, some girls knowingly use recreational drugs at parties. However, girls who use party drugs often become promiscuous and easy targets for sexual assault by close male friends. Short term memory loss and blackouts make it difficult for rape victims to report such forced sexual activities. Party drugs also impair motor function and make it difficult for unwilling girls to resist any sexual advances by other guys.

Taking Unknown Substances

Party drugs are exchanged on the black market. There is really no way for users to verify the exact content of pills that are sold out of unmarked bottles and containers. Essentially, party drug users rely on dealers and other suppliers to deliver an actual dose of potent substances. There is a very high risk of overdosing on party drugs because users have no real way to verify the dosage of each pill or tablespoon of liquid.

Most party drugs give users a certain type of rush that’s described as being better than Adrenaline. Such effects are achieved when the central nervous system gets extremely excited. Overdosing on stimulants can place tremendous strain on the respiratory system. The heart might beat at very fast rates for a prolonged period. Consequently, it might become difficult to breathe after the full effects of stimulants settle in. Individuals who use party drugs also tend to experience severe hangovers that come with headaches, muscle aches, upset stomach and extreme drowsiness.

Mixing With Alcohol

A typical house party has plenty of alcohol that is served to guests. There is even a risk of underage individuals getting their hands on liquor. When party drugs are mixed with alcohol, the effects on the users can be devastating. Stimulants excited the nervous system while alcohol depresses it. Therefore, there might be a severe imbalance that leads to restlessness followed by drowsiness. The effects of alcohol tend to last for hours after it is consumed. Party drugs might still mix with any alcohol content that remains within the bloodstream.

Potent prescription medication labels clearly warn users about the effects of mixing alcohol with pills. By the same concept, it is dangerous to take any recreational drugs along with a drink of liquor.

Victim of Theft

Party drugs often induce confusion and short term memory loss. People who take such substances can become easy targets of theft. Other sober individuals can come up to a drugged person at a party and directly steal the wallet, mobile phone, jewelry and other valuables. When the effects of a party drug fade away, a victim of theft might become extremely angry and violent. Such an individual might pick a fight with anyone in sight even through the actual thieves might be long gone.

If you know someone who attends parties frequently, inform that individual about the risks of recreational drugs. Try to warn party goers about the possibility of being drugged by other sneaky and malicious guests.

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