Detrimental Effects of Addiction: Pictures of People On Meth

Pictures of people on meth are often startling for a variety of reasons, especially if there are “before” and “after” pictures. Meth can cause significant damage in a fairly short amount of time, and the pictures of meth users can illustrate that truth without the people themselves having to say a word. After looking at pictures of people on meth, people who are considering abusing it may change their minds, or loved ones may recognize symptoms in their friends or family members. Some common symptoms bind together many of the pictures of people on meth.

People On Meth Are Skinny

Since meth addiction can cause people to lose their appetites, it can also induce rapid weight loss as the addiction progresses. This weight loss is often most apparent in the face, which can take on a skeletal, emaciated appearance due to loss of fat and muscle tissue. The entire body, however, can experience this extreme fat and muscle loss due to lack of proper nutrition; someone who has experienced such an extreme loss of weight may be a meth abuser.

People On Meth Have Bad Teeth

Meth is hard on the mouth, which is why “meth mouth” is a term people often use to describe the decayed, unhealthy state of the teeth of the average meth addict. Photos of meth users often reveal misshapen, worn-looking teeth that are decayed and obviously unhealthy. The gums suffer from meth abuse as well due to the damage of necessary blood vessels in the mouth. Meth abusers may also neglect various areas of basic hygiene such as showering and tooth brushing.

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People On Meth Have Skin That Makes Them Look Older

The most striking trait of many of the pictures of people on meth is the way the skin appears to be years older than the actual age of the person. The skin of meth users becomes sallow, saggy and wrinkled, giving meth abusers an overall unhealthy appearance. Once-beautiful teenaged girls can look like 40-year-olds after abusing meth; a guy in his prime can look middle-aged thanks to meth abuse. Meth is hard on the skin, although part of the blame for this saggy skin comes from meth-influenced loss of weight.

People On Meth Have Scars

Meth addicts frequently dig at their skin because they hallucinate that bugs are crawling around beneath the skin. Naturally, these addicts experiencing the hallucinations want to remove the bugs from under the skin, so they dig at the skin relentlessly, leaving it pockmarked with scars. These scars can also contribute to the overall poor quality of the skin and can add to the haggard, ragged look of someone who has been abusing meth.

Pictures of people on meth can inspire fear, pity and sadness in others, but these pictures aren’t generally displayed so that people can gawk at them. These pictures are often used to illustrate why abusing meth is so dangerous and damaging — and why abusers should get help for their addictions. Anyone who’s addicted to meth, or who knows someone who is, should call a hotline for further information. Calling 800-447-9081 can provide more information about meth abuse, recovering from meth addiction, and general drug and alcohol addiction.

Help Is A Call Away.(888) 465-4344i
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