What is the difference between Heroin and morphine?

What is the difference between Heroin and morphine?

 Morpheus is the mythological god of our dreams, so it should be easy to see where the drug morphine might’ve got its name. Opium contains a number of different alkaloids, but morphine was designated as the primary alkaloid.

Lethargy, impaired vision and pain relief are some of the prominent effects of the drug. One of the major reasons why morphine is extremely appealing to drug users is because it’s a powerful narcotic.

If the drug is consumed for even a short duration of time, the user will quickly become dependent on the drug, and his or her body will start to need the drug to function. An addiction to opiates can have catastrophic consequences on a person’s life.

Both Heroin and morphine addiction can have the same devastating effects on a person. In the case of addiction, knowledge can be very empowering. If they had only known more about what they were getting into, many drug users would’ve never started using morphine or Heroin.

What Is Morphine?

It’s the primary chemical found inside of opium. The medical community uses this psychoactive drug to measure the absolute potency of virtually all other types of narcotics.

Morphine is able to act on the central nervous system very quickly, and it’s very effective for numbing pain. However, morphine is also extremely addictive. When morphine was first extracted, it was the first active ingredient to be extracted from a plant.

It happened in 1804. In 1827, morphine was already being sold commercially. Since then, it has grown even more popular. When doctors administer morphine, they use a dose that shouldn’t be very addictive.

What Is Heroin?

On the street, Heroin is commonly known as tar, horse, smack or H. It’s best to view Heroin as a very close cousin to the drug morphine. Most people don’t realize that Heroin is basically morphine. In fact, Heroin is converted into morphine inside of the body.

Something that both morphine and Heroin have in common is that they’re almost always injected. Since Heroin is an illicit drug, it’s even more dangerous when injected into the body. Drug users who share needles and inject Heroin are extremely likely to contract HIV, STDs and other diseases.

Most people don’t know that Heroin was actually created as a solution to morphine addiction. Heroin was made to be non-addictive, and it was meant to be a safer alternative to morphine. The purpose of Heroin back then was sort of like modern day methadone.

Heroin almost always comes in white or black powder. Sniffing, smoking or injecting Heroin causes euphoria and several other effects. The color of the powder indicates its purity. If the powder is white, the Heroin is likely to be pure.

If it’s black, brown or gray, it’s probably cut with various additives. Heroin is a drug that can produce some of the worse withdrawal symptoms experienced by drug users. Cold flashes, vomiting, diarrhea and bone pain are some of the withdrawal symptoms.

The Difference between Heroin and Morphine

While Heroin and morphine might seem like two completely different drugs, they’re almost exactly the same. Heroin is actually created from morphine. It affects a person’s mind and body in exactly the same way as morphine.

The technical name of Heroin is diacetyl morphine. Heroin and morphine have a nearly identical chemical structure. The only difference is that Heroin has an acetyl molecule attached to its chemical structure. Since Heroin is bought and sold on the street, it’s much more common.

The only other difference between Heroin and morphine is that morphine has a medical purpose while Heroin doesn’t. Heroin is also nearly three times stronger than morphine. If you or someone you know needs help with an addiction, get help quickly.

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