Drug Abuse Facts Everyone Should Know

Knowing how the body and brain interact with drugs can go a long way to promoting prevention of drug abuse. Although it doesn’t always work out in such a way, knowledge is still a key element to helping those who’ve succumbed to addiction. By understanding drug abuse facts, you can acquire the knowledge it takes to remove yourself from potentially dangerous situations. While you could eventually find yourself learning many of these from substance abuse rehab facilities, knowledge can help keep you sober in the first place.

The Right Amount Per Person

Drug Abuse Facts Everyone Should KnowMany addicts rely on information from those around them about the right amount of a substance to use to reach a perfect high. The truth is, there’s no such measurement. While some people may have similar experiences when using a specific substance, your physiology creates a unique experience. Various resistances, body types, allergies and other factors play a role in creating addictive behaviors and experiences regarding the effects of drugs.

Failing to understand the limitations of a substance is how many people wind up fatally overdosing. In some instances, a person uses the exact same amount as a friend only to find himself in the emergency room. This is because drug tolerance has more facets than simply “getting used to it.” Without knowledge of your own physical and mental limitations, it can be incredibly easy to put yourself in a dangerous position with substance abuse.

Drug Abuse Facts: Family History Can Play a Role

When it comes to abusive behaviors, your family history can be a contributing factor for addiction. Emotional and genetic markers can dictate how a person will react to various substances. For instance, there’s a greater chance for children to become alcoholics if the parents are as well. Many individuals who’ve checked into substance abuse rehab centers have family histories of similar complications.

Mental disorders can promote a complication with drug abuse. Those suffering from anxiety, depression or other problems often seek the euphoria delivered by drugs. Again, genetics can play a role in the formation of the brain, contributing to these kinds of problems. Another contributor to mental instability is physical abuse or neglect within the household. These kinds of mental disorders can be addressed over time and without the use of various substances. You just need to have patience instead of seeking the instant-fix offered by a drug that can cause internal injuries.

It’s believed that even the addictive behavior of a parent can be passed along genetically. This genetic abnormality can provide the grounds for a person to be addicted to everything from chocolate to cocaine. Those with genetic addictive behaviors are at greater risk of exposure to drugs and need to be more steadfast in keeping sober. For these individuals, adding an already addictive substance to a predisposition of abuse could be like adding gasoline to a barn fire.

You May Not Be Aware of the Problem

Drug Abuse Facts Everyone Should KnowFrom a sober perspective, it’s relatively easy to spot someone who has a drug abuse problem. Unfortunately, addicts don’t have that same rational thought process. From the addict’s point of view, everything is normal. This is partly because of the effects any given drug has on the brain. Many substances purposely block pain receptors and modify neurotransmitter functionality. The messages within the brain are getting scrambled on a regular basis, which affects the ability to think clearly.

In many cases, even visual stimuli regarding drug abuse, such as images of real physical damage, can be misinterpreted. As the brain isn’t operating according to design, you can’t expect rationality to be present. This damage can worsen over time and become permanent, reducing your ability to function in society on any level. However, this doesn’t mean that a substance abuse rehab facility can’t help you recollect some of your normal life.

Drug Abuse Facts: Prescription Drugs Are Not Safer

Some addicts have the misconception that pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs are safer than street counterparts. As these substances are compounds purchased over-the-counter or through a physician’s request, many don’t associate the danger of abuse. The truth is, these pharmaceuticals pose an increasing threat when viewed against illegal substances, as more teens die from prescription drug abuse than the most addictive of street drugs.

One of the reasons why prescription drug abuse plays such a role for the young is sheer availability. Many children have parents or grandparents who require heavy prescriptions in order to manage severe pain or other mental conditions. A teen may have to go as far as the home medicine cabinet to find a substance worth abusing. This removes the risks of locating drugs on the street or finding the money to purchase them.

There are several prescription drugs that are based on variants of substances such as heroin and cocaine. Although these compounds are reduced in potency in order to promote safety, the basic underlying components are there. Codeine is a prime example of an addictive substance and is a variant of opium-based drugs. While this is a powerful painkiller used to treat various injuries and medical complications, it can be easily abused like any other illicit substance.

Health Ramifications of Substance Abuse

Drug Abuse Facts Everyone Should KnowWhile drugs can make you feel good and heighten mood, these substances are actually causing a fair amount of damage internally. Everything from the processing power of the brain to breathing can be affected by drug abuse. This danger is compounded when those who’ve built up a tolerance to a substance seek more potent variations.

The brain controls every aspect of the human body. Pulse rate, breathing, fine motor skills, sight, smell and a myriad of other actions are controlled by this organ. Prolonged damage and abuse of drugs will begin to deteriorate your basic abilities needed for survival. An incredible amount of damage can be prevented physically and mentally by being aware of these drug abuse facts.

If you or someone you know has an addiction problem of any kind, call the helpline at 800-447-9081. An addiction will eventually lead to physical complications that could impair your basic abilities. Locate a substance abuse rehab center near you and get help putting your life back together.

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