What if my drug addicted husband needs to leave the house?

Being in a relationship with a person afflicted with a substance abuse issue is one of the most challenging experiences a person will likely experience during the course of their lifetime. With that in mind, there are instances in which a woman finds herself married to a husband who is laboring under an addiction to mind altering substances. When that occurs, that woman will find herself in a position in which she cannot permit her husband to live in the home any longer until he obtains professional assistance for his addiction.

When a woman finds herself in this type of position, there are a number of factors that she needs to keep in mind. By paying attention to this considerations, she will be able to establish appropriate boundaries and take important steps to protect her own interests.

Don’t Go At It Alone

The most important thing a woman needs to keep in mind when it becomes necessary to have her drug addicted husband move out of the house is that she should not go at it alone. By this it is meant that she should not take the steps necessary to get her husband out of the house until he gains his sobriety without the assistance of at least one other person.

The fact is that seeking to have a drug addicted husband moved from the share home is a highly emotional process. Moreover, the fact is that a drug addicted husband will usually not operate in a rationale way. A husband in such a position can pose a potential threat to the emotional and physical welfare of his wife when she is attempting to get him out of the house.

There may be a family member that is trusted by both the husband and the wife and might be the ideal person to go to when it becomes necessary to get a husband out of the residence due to his addiction to mind altering substances. If a family member does not fit the bill, there may be a friend who also enjoys the trust of both the husband and the wife in this type of situation.

Finally, if there is not a family member of a friend available that can assist a wife in getting a drug addicted husband out of the residence, there are professionals that may be able to provide necessary assistance. These include staff members at local addiction treatment and recovery centers.

Keep in mind that if the situation truly escalates beyond what is reasonable, and if a wife feels threatened by the turn of events, she must not hesitate to contact law enforcement. As was noted previously, a person addicted to drugs does not think clearly or rationally. Therefore, a wife must not put herself at increased risk by hesitating to contact the police when the need truly does arise for that type of professional intervention.

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An Intervention May Be In Order

If a wife is intent on getting a drug addicted husband to move out of the shared residence, staging an intervention may be the logical course to pursue. An intervention brings together people associated with the addict. During an intervention, these individuals share with the addict how his behavior and lifestyle have impacted their lives.

The ultimate goal of an intervention is to encourage the subject of the session and process to make the decision to seek treatment for his addiction issue. In the case of a wife trying to set boundaries and gain space from a drug addicted husband, one of the objectives of an intervention may be to get the husband to agree to move out of the residence until he is able to gain sobriety.

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